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Why Not Save Millions This Year if it Doesn't Cost You a Dime?

Sorcity continues helping clients save millions

DALLAS, TX - Sorcity.com, a Reverse-Auction service, is an innovative solution that harnesses the power of the Internet to provide purchasing organizations an easier way to source goods and services, while giving them the assurance they will pay the lowest prices available on the market - frequently 10-20% less then they pay now.

Recognized for the past six years as a leading Reverse-Auction service, Sorcity.com helps organizations in all industries save time and money. Frustrated Supply Managers who were tired of having to buy or build solutions that give them a faster way to get a better price designed the service. They also wanted to provide suppliers a much faster way to get new business without the high cost of a sales force.

Sorcity.com accomplishes this through its Reverse-Auction environment, where Supply Managers post what they need to buy with their typical Request For Quote content, including all their terms and conditions, then sellers determine if they can meet those needs and want to compete for the business by bidding online. This simple process eliminates waste and unnecessary cost and time that exists in the procurement process and sales cycle.

From a financial standpoint, Reverse-Auctions make a company more profitable because every dollar not spent by the purchasing organization on goods and services is a dollar retained. The Sorcity.com service actually adds profits to a company's overall gross revenue.

Supply Managers use the Sorcity.com Reverse-Auction process to source everything, including computer equipment, office supply contracts, fork lifts, safety supplies, packaging materials and many direct materials and multi-year contracts. The possibilities with Sorcity.com are endless. But the interesting part is that purchasing organizations do not pay to use this service.

Wes Guillemaud, CEO of Sorcity.com says "Our philosophy is pretty simple: Make it easy and highly rewarding for Supply Managers to leverage our professional staff and online service Sorcity provides, and they will directly contribute to their company's bottom line very quickly."

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