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Client Feedback

Bob Stein, C.P.M, Group Purchasing Manager, Trelleborg AB: “It is impressive how much more money Trelleborg saves with our Sorcity ebids. We spend less time preparing RFQ’s yet reach more Suppliers and receive many more bids and lower prices. We have more time for our due diligence. This can be applied to almost every large purchase across our company. It also improves productivity, reduces workload, and enriches the work for our people.”

John Lewandowski, Sourcing Manager, The Mentholatum Company: "This is an excellent tool for a procurement organization! It is easy to trust Sorcity when they run an ebid for you. They provide a platform for healthy competition and a full service to assist us in many or the sourcing process steps. I know of no other company that provides this level of service without a high fee, yet you pay none with Sorcity. We have aggressive cost reduction goals and Sorcity helps us reach those goals faster. We saved over 20% on our first ebid solicitation for a three year term of packaging. Sorcity also helps us find more suppliers than we have time to - a very valuable service."

Grant Shaw, Owner/Operator at The Range Austin: "With our construction deadlines, taxed resources, and need for lower prices faster, Sorcity made perfect sense. I only wish we knew of Sorcity earlier since they offload so much work and saved us over a million dollars quickly. Sorcity is an excellent extension of our team and did a high quality job on every ebid we asked them to run so we could spend more time on our due diligence and supplier selection."

Gus Agostinelli, Senior Vice President at Atrium Companies, Inc.: "The price reductions achieved with Sorcity equal millions of dollars of savings for us. We need lower prices to remain competitive, while improving service-levels, but without disrupting current business operations or quality. Sorcity provides Strategic Sourcing services that assisted us with data collecting and normalizing, standardizing requirements, evaluating the impact of product changes, and penetrating the market to get a high number of competitive bids. We are pleased to find that Sorcity provides a professional service that saves us millions of dollars more - at no fee to us."

Mark Schulman, Sr. Director of Continuous Improvement, Imperial Sugar: "You can’t truly appreciate the ease and simplicity of getting lower prices through the Sorcity Ebid process until you try it. Since they don’t charge the buyer any fee, we said why not. We were very cautious at first but recognized the time savings through Sorcity, and our ability to maintain complete control over our requirements, so we placed a direct material out for Ebid. We gained a significantly lower price. Sorcity gives consideration to the entire sourcing process including price, market, and requirements, before running an Ebid, so you know before you start what to expect. We are very pleased with the results and are pursuing more savings with Sorcity. What a great option for all major bids. I much prefer suppliers competing with each other instead of us spending weeks negotiating, especially when it ends in even lower prices."

Don Marshall, Director of Logistics, Spring ISD; "We have utilized the services of Sorcity several times since the reverse auction method of procurement was approved for school districts. I have found them to be professional and able to provide a very reliable service - much better than software which we own. I found that Sorcity can provide a larger group of interested suppliers, which translates into real savings when we compared our current price to our Sorcity eBid prices for the same product. We plan to continue using the Sorcity Ebid service in securing goods and services where it makes sense."

Laura Addonisio, PCC Structurals, Inc.: “When I was first asked by our executives to try this method of bidding through Sorcity, it was for a large, complex contract. I had many concerns, but quickly found that I had full control over the bid and nothing was compromised by allowing suppliers to compete against each other online - instead of against me. It was amazing to receive over 100 bids and gain a savings over $1,000,000 dollars. The Sorcity service allowed me to relax and view them as an extension of my team. We are extremely pleased and have already identified over 20 additional contracts to save time and money using the Sorcity process.“

U.S. Air Force: "After contracting officers solicited proposals from several companies, the lowest bid received was about $2 million," Major Hawkins said. "Often, the government will award a competed contract based on initial pricing received -- not this time." The suppliers entered their bids for the generators during the eBidding Event, and after 278 bids during six hours, the price was bid down to $1.5 million dollars. This reduced the price enough to save the Air Force $395,000. "It was great watching the bidding process unfold." said Major Hawkins, who researched eBidding in doctoral studies. "Conducting this process online gave each company the opportunity see what they were up against as they bid against their competition, but it was that competition that led to big savings for the Air Force. Our taxpayers deserve it, and our Air Force needs the savings to fund modernization… by ignoring eBidding, we are certainly leaving a lot of money on the table."

Rose Kohut, Director of Purchasing, Richardson ISD: "I would like to thank you all once again for your encouragement and absolute professional manner in the way Sorcity handled our reverse auction this past week. We are truly excited and very pleased with the results and look forward to reaping the 41% cost savings that we witnessed in the live Event! I would certainly chalk this event up to some extremely positive news. I believe I can confidently say that RISD Purchasing was pleased (again) with the overall process that Sorcity 'managed' for us and all the time it did indeed remove from the typical bidding process. Sorcity certainly has their operation fine tuned and truly works to achieve the best results with the customers' needs in mind first and foremost."

Deke Knowlton, Chief Procurement Officer, Greatwide Dedicated Transport: "Having a highly competent procurement staff works even better when they have access to advanced sourcing tools such as Sorcity Strategic Sourcing. At no cost to us, we have already saved over $1,000,000 by allowing suppliers to compete with each other, instead of against us, through this open, competitive bid service, and we have just begun. The experienced Sorcity team works carefully with ours to deliver results that clearly outperform other bid methods. They made the process quick for our staff and we are already planning to bid more Direct Materials, Indirect Materials, Services and Capital Equipment through Sorcity.

Food Industry Client; "There are many sensitivities with food items which have to be cautiously approached in the bid process. Since the bid specifications, requirements, and final testing are controlled by us, we can confidently use Sorcity's highly effective open, competitive bid process, without any worry about quality or service-levels. Our experience has shown that this is a more efficient bid method that consistently produces better prices, saving us millions of dollars. Sorcity makes it very easy to try and provides excellent support and meaningful value-add."

Gene Roth, Purchasing Manager, Enterprise Rent A Car; "I have found that typically in any sourcing exercise, there are a number of suppliers who have the goods, want our business, and can meet our terms. At that point in the process, the decision is based on price and who we trust can deliver on our agreement. After a brief look it was obvious that a no-cost, no-software tool was basically no risk and worth a try. In our first three events alone we saved over $6 million, an average of 42% on the Reverse-Auctions we held through Sorcity."

Kendall Lake, Manager, Procurement Systems, Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., "We quickly saw the benefit of using Sorcity and ran three events our first month. It was very easy since there's no training required, software to install and they provide solid responsive customer support. We've posted a variety of purchases at no charge and consistently saved both time and money."

Patrick Buckhoff, C.P.M., VP Procurement, Atrium Companies Incorporated, "When I heard of Reverse-Auctions it seemed clear that if used appropriately, the methodology could deliver significant savings, improving our competitiveness -- and it worked! Sorcity made the experience very easy and provided the full support needed to ensure success, without any cost to us. With very little risk, Sorcity is a great way to gain some experience with real time competitive bidding events and they provide the insight and support to maximize their effectiveness"

Dan Walker, Senior Vice President Store Operations, EyeCare Centers of America, Inc., "With all the options in the market, Strategic Sourcing can get complex and costly to implement and manage. Sorcity's Strategic Sourcing services eliminated all the cost, time and pain typically involved, by working with our purchase data and managing much of the sourcing process, while we maintained complete control. They provided quality suppliers, in addition to ours, that understood our needs and bid accurately, all while expanding our supplier reach well beyond our norm. We saved over $300,000 on our first two purchase contracts and Sorcity did a great job delivering what they said, to include no surprises. We saved over 18% on our purchase! We will definitely be working with Sorcity going forward!"

Hayward Moore, C.P.M., Chief, Procurement Branch, Army Air Force Exchange Services, "This contract extension is a result of our success in leveraging Reverse-Auctions which have already saved AAFES millions of dollars. We are very pleased with the performance and professional services of Sorcity.com," AAFES has demonstrated that Reverse-Auctions can be applied not only to expense or MRO items, but also to resale items in their exchanges on generic and private label products. This leadership on the retail side provides US armed forces with a better value on the goods they buy.

Lisa Scharf, C.P.M., Purchasing Manager, Taylor Publishing Company, "The Sorcity model made complete sense to try since there is no cost or software implementation. Our results speak for themselves with a 31% savings on our first set of Reverse-Auctions for various products and services. The time we spent understanding the Sorcity tool was minimal and well worth these savings. They are very helpful and provided us solid professional services to achieve these great results."

Rob Overmyer, Senior Buyer, Parker Hannifin, "I have run a number of Reverse-Auctions for a variety of items and have achieved great success. Sorcity offers one of the easier and more effective on-line solutions to sourcing my requirements. By having my current suppliers bid through my Reverse-Auctions also, it takes even less time and I'm ensured the best price."

Kay McCarthy, Purchasing Director, Bombay Companies, "We have been using Sorcity for several years because it is a very easy service and they include, at no cost, a host of professional services to make sure our Reverse-Auctions are presented well and save us money. We have averaged an impressive savings of 26% over many different purchases and we saved at least a couple days each time. In several cases we maintained our current supplier but with a better price. Great service!

Ronda Allen, former Purchasing Manager at JCPenney, now with Boeing says; "Of the other sites that offer similar services, I still feel Sorcity.com is the best in the market for freeing up a buyer's time for real value-added work."

Tracy Etienne, Corporate Procurement Director, Rexroth Corporation; "Our goal at Rexroth was to 'test the waters' with e-procurement. There are various models that a company can implement, for example, consultative, software, application service provider (ASP) and fully-managed service. Our main goal was to invest no money only time. After extensive research, Rexroth decided to go with Sorcity.com, which is a broad range e-marketplace that offers a fully managed Internet service and is simple to use. Rexroth and suppliers only needed Internet access and were very pleased with the results."

Judy Remitz, Buyer, Menasha Material Handling Corp., "I really do appreciate Sorcity.com for your assistance in obtaining new vendors. This Reverse-Auction service saves immeasurable time for me and we are very happy with the large dollar savings!"

Sandy Vannatta, MRO Buyer, Rexroth; "I found the Sorcity.com reverse-auction to be a great way to do business in the future; It allows the buyer to put forth his/her energy in other areas while waiting for the bidding process to complete - the reverse auction does work!"

Patty Borck, Buyer, Owens Corning; Our company has placed several Reverse-Auctions through Sorcity.com, our latest saved over 15% on what we expected to pay. The results are excellent, we saved significant time by not having to locate new suppliers, administer the RFQ, or negotiate the price. We are pleased to have this capability without the cost, risk or time required by other e-Procurement offerings on the market. It's a great solution!

Pat Dillon, Online Sales Manager, BossOnline; "If I was a buyer I would be using Sorcity.com to place Reverse-Auctions every day. I have been to many sites most of which are a joke, lacking the expertise of the Sorcity.com staff and not providing the ease of use and features of this site. Our company has been in business for 36 years and we're looking forward to doing business with Sorcity.com."

Tom Meston, Techint Technologies says; "Sorcity.com provides the benefit of receiving prices from multiple suppliers in one step, and it was simple and easy to use. I've registered with other eprocurement web sites but have not used them. Sorcity was the only site (out of about 20 sites I evaluated) that allowed me to source what I wanted to buy. Sorcity is able to handle different types of purchases much better than other offerings."

Jim Tyson, Pier 1 Imports Director, Corporate Purchasing says; one of the most attractive aspects of Sorcity.com is how objective it allows the buying process to be. "This makes it easier for us to take existing vendor relationships out of the mix and keep our selection very bottom-line," he says.

Mike Bell, Materials Manager of Purchasing for Hewlett Packard; "Once we were introduced to the Sorcity.com service, we were immediately intrigued. We expect to purchase the items we need faster for less money using this tool."

Cheryl Alexander, Pier 1 Imports; "Sorcity can reduce my sourcing effort from as much as two days to as little as one hour," she says. "And, we get the best possible price because of the competitive nature of the bidding process among the large base of qualified suppliers. In fact, with the experience we've had with Sorcity.com so far, we expect Internet purchasing to enable us to lower some of our supply costs by as much as 20 percent."

Rich Lefebvre, e-Business Practice Marketing Director at Electronic Data Systems (EDS); "The all-inclusive reverse-auction model like Sorcity.com gives the buyer a comprehensive sourcing tool and the same service at no extra cost. So, find me one purchasing agent out there who would actually prefer making their corporate purchases through dozens of specialists, if they could get the same products for less money through one single source."

Graham Collins, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Supply Management Practice, says; "Even the most successful companies have to keep pushing the envelope. No company can ignore the additional marketing channels e-procurement and reverse-auctions bring. It's a new game now with new rules. The opportunity is learning how to use these rules to our advantage."

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