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## The Process

Follow the 8 simple steps below to begin your experience...




Step 1

You define and submit a Request for Quote (RFQ)

A Request-for-Quote (RFQ) is defined, submitted and a reverse-auction date is scheduled.

Step 2

Automatic email notification is sent to all qualified seller members and new sellers identified who sell within that product category

You review the email notice and determine if it's an opportunity you would like to bid on

Step 3

You respond to email notifications when questions are posted on a Reverse-Auction

If there are RFQ questions, they are displayed with the answers on the Reverse-Auction's View & Ask Questions screen

You view the RFQ's, post questions you may have, review the answers, and place your bid

Step 4

You can monitor the activity

The Reverse-Auction is held until the scheduled end-time

You can monitor the activity and submit lower bids until the time has ended

Step 5

You receive the seller's contact information and can contact sellers for your final qualification

If the buyer's sincerity price is met, a notification email is sent to the buyer with seller's contact information

You may receive buyers' information "if" released by buyer, otherwise, you must wait to be contacted by the buyer

Step 6

You select the winning bid

A seller is selected through

You, as the selected seller, receive buyers' information from

Step 7

You confirm the selected seller through

Confirmation of the sale is received and sales fees due are charged to the seller.

You, as the selected seller, are sent an email validation with the buyers' information from, and are charged sales fees

Step 8

You work directly with seller

Seller and Buyer exchange product and settlement independent of

You work directly with buyer

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