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Overview & Welcome

I would like to welcome you to one of the most effective Internet sourcing solutions available, on tap, when needed, as your Center of Excellence. For over twenty years I have assisted clients with identifying eBusiness opportunities across their enterprise and assisted them with implementing these solutions. Over this time eBusiness solutions have evolved from being primarily custom developed to implementing software solutions, both of which require great effort. This is what Sorcity Spend Reduction was designed to solve.

Organizations now have a better choice and are no longer faced with the financial burden, long term implementations, business disruption, or internal support required by these solutions. Sorcity (sourcing at a higher velocity) provides a multi-million dollar Center of Excellence that manages the ebid process for you, removing even the training aspect and simplifying your life.

Sorcity innovatively harnesses the power of the Internet to deliver buyers a much easier way to source, while providing them the assurance they are not leaving money on the table. Sellers gain the ability to see market prices, bid again and again, and win new business at a greatly reduced cost of sales over their traditional sales costs.

Sorcity accomplishes this through an ebid (reverse auction) environment, where buyers post what they need to buy, including all their terms, quality and service-level requirements, and then sellers determine if they meet those needs and bid for the opportunity. The goal is to eliminate waste and unnecessary cost and time that exists in today's procurement and sales cycle and it has proven to work well for all parties.

I am very pleased that our talented team has developed one of the world's easiest, quickest, and most effective sourcing services in the world, which is available to you as a complete Center of Excellence for any large purchase you need bid, right here, right now. Companies from all industries and all sizes have saved millions of dollars without added time or investment. These are impressive savings achieved by Supply Managers who have taken the ebid step. See more on the Client Feedback page.

Thank you for learning about this service. Please allow us to provide you some first hand experience so you can judge for yourself just how and where this ebid capability can work best in your organization. Sign up by pressing Join Free on the left and let's discuss your next large bid for a no-cost savings assessment.

Thank You,

Wes Guillemaud
President & CEO

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