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Corporate Information


Sorcity.com, Incorporated ~ Established May 1999


Austin Texas
Dallas Texas

Phone: 800-525-2401
Website: www.sorcity.com

The Service

  • A professional sourcing service for buying organizations to help them reach many times more suppliers, gain many times the number of bids, and receive a much lower price on the goods and services they purchase.
  • A lead generation service for selling organizations who are interested in reaching more potential customers, and gaining more business, without the high cost of the sales organization, or brokers, so they can be more competitive and bid lower prices to customers.
  • This Ebid service enables buyers to post goods, services, MRO, and capital equipment out for bid (request for quotes) and allows suppliers the opportunity to see other bids placed (although not other supplier names) and bid more than once, as frequently requested of the buyer in the past. These new opportunities create a fair, transparent, and competitive bid environment that benefits all parties involved.
  • This is NOT a product or software-based service you must purchase, install or support. Web access is all that is needed to take advantage of this advanced sourcing service.


Improve supply chain efficiency for a variety of organizations, and industries, while providing value to both buyers and sellers.


Buyers benefit from:

  • Reduced time and expense of traditional sourcing
  • Gain the best price available from qualified sellers worldwide
Sellers benefit from:
  • Reduced sales and marketing costs
  • Gain new business much faster and at a lower cost

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