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11/2/16: The Range Austin Hits the Savings Bullseye


If you would choose a chainsaw instead of a handsaw to cut down a tree, then why choose labor-intensive negotiating instead of an ebid to get lower prices on the purchases you bid? You wouldn’t, according to hundreds of Sorcity clients who have consistently gained lower prices through a reverse auction (ebid) since 1999.

Manual negotiations consume time, resources, and result in higher prices, according to an ISM CAPS Research study. An ebid let’s Suppliers see when they are outbid and enter a lower price – over and over, so your prices drop.

Thousands of goods and services have already been ebid, so why are some procurement folks reluctant to utilize this best practice regularly? Software and consultants are costly but, in contrast, Sorcity instantly enables Buyers to save millions of dollars more with an ebid service that does it for you, which is how it helped The Range Austin in Texas.

“With our construction deadlines, taxed resources, and need for lower prices faster, Sorcity made perfect sense.” Said Grant Shaw, Owner/Operator. “I only wish we knew of Sorcity earlier since they offload so much work and saved us over a million dollars quickly.”

The Range Austin needed many construction and operations goods and services in order to complete construction and open. Sorcity offloaded considerable work by drafting Request for Quotes, researching and vetting Suppliers, and ebidding a variety needs. This took pressure off The Range Austin staff while bringing them lower prices from more Suppliers, prices well below budget.

A facility of this type has many special considerations and regulations to factor in, so offloading some of the sourcing work provides your staff additional time to focus on special needs and ensures both the sourcing activities and strategic projects are well covered.

“Better tools produce better results”, said Wes Guillemaud, an executive at Sorcity Spend Reduction. “I could never talk our clients into going backwards to their time-consuming, manual process. Not when this cuts both their time and calendar time in half, yet they save millions of dollars more with Sorcity – without paying a fee. It’s a simple choice.”

The ebid method is not new to the construction industry or any other. All industries have many similar and many unique purchases, but all purchases have one thing in common: at some point Suppliers submit a price, but how they submit that price is the point. You either negotiate at length or let the market produce a lower price by competing openly in this Sorcity ebid forum, which drives a best-value.

Receiving your bids through Sorcity does not change your quality or service-levels, or even your incumbent supplier in many cases, since you decide which Supplier will gain your award. It is simply an easy way to apply powerful, downward price pressure.

The Range at Austin's premium shooting facility features top-of-the-line amenities like innovative targeting systems, world-class training and instruction, luxury members lounge, private event space and one of the largest selections of guns and gun-related accessories in Texas.

Sorcity is a global sourcing service since 1999 utilizing best practices and the reverse auction bid method to help organizations retain millions of dollars more. Every purchase has needed terms, quality and service-levels, but price matters too!

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