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12/14/10: The Mentholatum Company is Recession Smart


Mentholatum not only provides excellent products, but they do it at great prices, in part because of the advanced spend reduction methods they utilize.

This year alone Mentholatum’s use of reverse auctions, which helps them buy goods, services, and capital equipment, quicker and more efficiently, has resulted in an additional 21% reduction in price through Sorcity.

"It’s not like the reverse auction process is new", says John Lewandowski, Strategic Sourcing Manager at Mentholatum, "but it is an advancement that can save millions of dollars more than the time spent in face to face negotiations, and that helps keep our people employed and our prices down."

It is not just about doing reverse auctions, it is about doing them right, which is where his provider, Sorcity.com, brings 12-years of experience. “We knew experience and quick, no-cost reverse auction access was of high value to us, so we selected Sorcity and are very pleased. Why build the reverse auction capability ourselves when the Sorcity Center of Excellence minimizes issues and maximizes savings”, said John.

Sorcity is the longest standing reverse auction provider (aka eRA, eRFQ or ebid) in the world, with over 620,000 suppliers, serving over 500 clients who have all saved more money than their last negotiated prices. "Sorcity has sharp people and I trust their advice because of their ethical approach and the fact they receive no supplier-paid fee if we don’t save mone", says John. "Where is the down side when it helps keep prices down for our customers?"

The Sorcity ebid approach allows suppliers to see when they are out-bid and bid again, much faster and more transparent than negotiations, so it can be applied to any purchase where there is more than one supplier. That is what makes it so powerful for buyers and sellers – saving time for both.

The Mentholatum Company is a global health and wellness company dedicated to providing effective OTC solutions to consumer’s personal needs. Their diverse portfolio of personal care items include OXY® acne solutions, Softlips® lip protectant/sunscreen, and Rohto® eye drops.

Sorcity.com is the longest standing ebid provider worldwide, helping organizations since 1999 reverse auction most all goods and services without delay. See some of the many organizations that have saved more through Sorcity.com or Google Sorcity to see their tenure and credibility; also available on the ISM web site.

Web Site: Mentholatum http://us.mentholatum.com/about-us/ 
Sorcity.com http://www.sorcity.com/goods.html

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