Packaging Materials - Ohio
Final Bid: $376,995.00
Bid Number 66: $377,495.00
Bid Number 65: $379,500.00
Bid Number 64: $380,000.00
Bid Number 2: $529,000.00
 First Bid:$530,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   3816
Date Ended: December 13, 2006
Duration:   13 days   22 hr  
Start:   Wed Nov 29, 2006 at 2:00 pm CT
End:     Wed Dec 13, 2006 at 12:00 pm CT
Category:   Packaging General

Qty: 10,676   Unit: Each



Intechra is accepting bids for Packaging Materials to be used over a 5-year period for three regions (Gahanna, OH, Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ) and ordered about once a month.  They are currently expanding at a rapid rate so additional quantities, or locations awarded, will be treated as part of this Online Bidding Event and governed under the same terms listed here and in this award.

Intechra is in the process of standardizing items used across all of its' current and future locations.  They would like to establish long-term relationships with fewer suppliers, so this is an internally mandated program for all locations to purchase through this award.  This objective should provide assurance to the awarded bidder that the dollar value bid is intended to be met or exceeded.  

PLEASE NOTE: Any direct contact with the Buyer regarding this opportunity, prior to, during, or after the Online Bidding Event, until the Buyer contacts you will cause you to be in violation of the Member Agreement and be eligible for a fine and disqualification to bid on this opportunity.    

The quantities listed for each product are expected to be minimum purchasing requirements during the next 5-years, (for each region) based on the last 12-months of actual usage and expansion plans.  Intechra has recently experienced rapid growth and the total requirement could exceed the anticipated volume. Please keep this in mind when working up your bid.

In addition to this opportunity, Intechra has posted bid requests for corrugated boxes.  Suppliers who are able to provide competitive bids for these additional products are encouraged to participate.  


Suppliers who are able to bid on this opportunity are invited to bid in this Online Bidding Event.  You may ONLY bid on those regional Events where you can supply product and meet all the terms stated.  Bids will not be accepted by the Buyer in any other manner, so we appreciate your complying to the instructions in the notification email you were sent informing you of this opportunity.  We look forward to your participation and ask that you read ALL specifications before placing your bid.

If you intend to bid on more than one region, or all 3-regions, your regional bids should reflect your best price for a total award.  This ensures the Buyer will see your best offer and is motivated to award you more than one region.  In the event you are awarded only one of the regions you bid, you may enter a Percent Increase on the Line Item Worksheet (LIW), if applicable, that represents the percent increase in price for that single region, based on the reduced award volume that may have come from multiple regions.  This percent does not imply that each line item is increased by the same percent, but that the total bid will result in this Percent Increase.  This provides the bidder the ability to adjust line items as needed to submit reliable prices on every item.

For suppliers that intend to bid on multiple regions, it is requested that you prepare two Line Item Worksheets; the first copy with per unit pricing that assumes only one region will be awarded (less total volume), and the second copy with your higher volume per unit pricing for multiple regions, which is what you will use to enter regional bids online.  Both worksheets are required to be submitted to Sorcity at the end of bidding.  Only the second LIW will be provided to the Buyer unless they request the first one to see how per unit prices have been adjusted to meet the single-region Percent Increase amount listed on your second worksheet.  This may be done if they buyer has decided against a multi-region award.

Shipping is to be included in this bid and under this arrangement, the awarded Supplier will ship to three locations (specified below).  Please be aware that Intechra is expanding their operations, and there will be additional shipping locations. As new locations are identified, any material difference in pricing, due to new shipping point(s), will be discussed between the buyer and supplier to arrive at a mutually agreeable new price, providing verifiable documentation is provided to substantiate any price change.

Additionally, please note that this bid request is not a commitment to buy all specified line items and quantities listed, but a good faith effort to meet or exceed the bid dollar amount for goods in this general Packaging Supply category.  Therefore, bidders are required to offer the same discount on all similar items.  Bidders will enter their Category Percent Discount on the Line Item Worksheet (linked below) to accommodate this need.  The Buyer is interested in suppliers that can work with Intechra on cost savings ideas. This will lead to product changes as these are identified.

To allow the supplier to be even more competitive in their bidding, they have the opportunity to list on the Line Item Worksheet a rebate percent they may be willing to provide Intechra if the quantities shown are exceeded.  This is expressed at the top of the worksheet as:  At the end of every 12 month period, if sales reach $_________, then a rebate of ___% will be provided on $________ dollars, to be issued back to the buyer within 45 days.  These numbers are not to be used as a function of the total value of this event but will be viewed by the buyer as an incentive offered by the qualified supplier.          

KEY DATES: (Anticipated for Award - Times are Central Time)




12/05 by

10:00 a.m.

I confirm I meet all terms and Will-Bid Event #3816

12/06 by

10:00 a.m.

Suppliers must be registered with Sorcity (no cost)

12/08 by

10:00 a.m.

All clarifying questions should be entered online

12/12 by

2:00 p.m.

Have your opening bid placed to participate

12/13 until

1:00 p.m.

You may place your bids

12/14 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will contact low bid suppliers

12/27 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will award to best qualified Supplier


SPECIAL NOTES: is committed to following the Institute for Supply Management’s Ethics Guidelines for procurement and has therefore implemented the following bid guidelines to ensure all suppliers are treated fairly.  Please comply with the following or you may be disqualified from bidding on this opportunity.

  • All clarifying questions or exceptions should be entered above through the [Question] button.  Answers will be posted, shortly thereafter, for all Suppliers to view.

  • If you need to speak directly to a representative, please contact Sorcity at (972) 661-3265.  Any direct contact with the Buyer is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification to participate in this bidding event.

  • No bids will be accepted outside of the Buyers Online Bidding Event.  Bidding, in any other manner, will disqualify you for this opportunity.

  • Sorcity is providing the bidder this Line Item Worksheet to list per-unit pricing which will automatically calculate the “Total” bid price.  Only the “Total” from the Worksheet is entered in the Reverse-Auction online.  Do not attempt to enter line item prices online or your bid will be inaccurate.  Your general discount in a percent, and your Dun & Bradstreet number should also be placed in the Line Item Worksheet where noted.

  • Once the bidding ends, all bidders must send in their electronic Line Item Worksheet to within one (1) hour after the Reverse-Auction has ended.

  • By placing a bid in this Event, you represent that your firm agrees to all terms, stated in the Sorcity Member Agreement, and all content, terms, and conditions contained in this document, except for any exception Sorcity, or the Buyer, may grant in writing, or on the Question & Answer page linked above.  The Supplier understands that no assumptions are to be made, and that content, or clauses, not contained in this event do not apply, unless pre-approved by the Buyer and Sorcity.

  • This bid must be honored for the duration of your discussions with the purchasing organization, per the terms stated in the Online Bidding Event.  If you are unable to honor this bid at any time, you MUST cease discussions with the Buyer and notify Sorcity. Please read the Sorcity Member Agreement regarding not honoring your bid and any associated penalty fine.

Online Bid Procedures:

The Seller must have a location in United States

Payment Terms: Net 45

Shipping Terms: FOB destination

The Seller will ship this order to 1 location
Gahanna, OH

Other criteria:

  1. Supplier must have at least 1 month's inventory on hand.

  2. Buyer prefers to order Packaging Supplies every two weeks, but if pricing is materially better, bid monthly shipments.

  3. Buyer prefers recycled materials where possible.

  4. Items received are to be invoiced the day of the delivery and not earlier.

  5. Shipping is to be included in this bid and under this arrangement, the awarded Supplier will ship to three locations (specified above).  Please be aware that Intechra is expanding their operations, and there will additional shipping locations. 

  6. Given Intechra's continued growth and need to track purchases and program conformance, the Supplier will need to provide Intechra and Sorcity, quarterly sales reports, within 30-days following the end of each quarter, in an electronic Excel format, a summary total and by location, including, but not limited to; location of sale, items purchased, transaction date, total by product type, per unit and total dollar amount, and discount.

  7. Purchase orders will be issued by locations on an as needed basis.  

  8. Supplier will pay for any and all expenses associated with correcting quality issues caused by the supplier.

  9. Lead time is 10 days for Packaging Materials.

  10. The Buyer may terminate this contract, or any part thereof, based on supplier performance issues, by written notice (30) days in advance, provided the issues identified by the buyer are not corrected to the satisfaction of the buyer within that 30 day period.

  11. Buyer is aware of the volatility in resin products and is therefore willing to accept a price fluctuation review on a quarterly basis, based on a mutually agreeable price index with the supplier.  Buyer and supplier will agree on the price index to be used, before the award is finalized. The Supplier agrees to provide the Buyer reports by email, identifying any change in this index and explaining the impact on a change in price.  We have grouped the affected items together on the Line Item Worksheet.  

  12. All other items should have a fixed price for 2 years.  At the end of the second year, the Buyer agrees to discuss any price changes, based on verifiable documentation indicating a cost difference to supplier. This is to be reviewed at 24, 36, and 48 months from contract start date.



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