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If you truly want to save the millions of dollars other Buyers have saved, across the purchases your organization makes, this ebid service will help you accomplish that with little effort. Try it on your current bid project so you can see for yourself. We are ready to assist you today.

Since 1999 we have provided this advanced Spend Reduction service that helps buying organizations “get better prices faster” on all of the goods and services they purchase, without compromising quality or service-levels.

Approved buying organizations may access our service at no cost. We include a host of professional services, leverage buying, and open competitive bidding, which has saved all of our 500+ client’s time and money - averaging 12-24% in savings.

Why ebid? Simple; you want to save time by having us administer the monotonous Bid phase of sourcing, and because you want to save money.

How does ebidding work? Simple; instead of you receiving a sealed bid, or a negotiated bid, suppliers bid in an Internet forum where they compete with each other instead of against you. They can now see all other bids and place lower bids if they get outbid.

Where can I ebid? Just about all goods and services you purchase, as you can see in the links to the right, which are purchases many other purchasing organizations have ebid.

What does ebidding deliver? As you can see from these links Buyers gain many more bids, and lower prices, in less time than their traditional bid process. You will see the advantages quickly once you try it. Suppliers gain new business opportunities, without the high cost of their sales force or brokers, so they can bid lower prices in less time.

When can I try it? We make it very simple:

  1. Contact us at 800-525-2401 to discuss your purchases.
  2. Press Join Free on the left to create your Sorcity ebid account.
  3. Send us your purchase data so we can prepare it online for your approval.

We will then provide you a savings opinion after conducting a brief Market Check. If savings look achievable, we prepare your ebid online for your approval, research more suppliers if needed (we already have over 600,000 in our database, some of which may already supply you), and manage the entire bidding process to deliver you qualified suppliers at the lowest price. You can sit back, relax, and watch the bidding.

There is no software, training, or cost for buyers. We conduct the bidding phase of sourcing for you so you can focus on strategic activities, like your next RFQ.


What makes Sorcity unique? Unlike the software or consulting alternatives, we provide a completely managed service, like an external Center of Excellence, with professional services and advice so you do not have to invest time, people or resources, or implement, train and support some internal solution, in order to benefit.

Sales 101: When a Buyer places something out for bid, Suppliers do not provide their lowest price first, and rarely do so during negotiations, so there is usually a lower price available.

Purchasing 101: Buyers only have the buying power of their single company, and do not have the time to seek bids from more than just a few suppliers, or negotiate at length. This results in a good price instead of a great price.

Sorcity 101: Better tools render better results.
+ A greater number of Suppliers
+ An open, competitive bidding environment
+ Permission to bid again and again as they are out-bid
+ The power of leverage buying from over 500 Sorcity clients
= Many more bids and the lowest prices available.

Suppliers competing with each other provide a natural market force that lowers prices better than negotiations or consortium leveraged buys. Add to this the fact that Suppliers do not incur their standard sales expense, when Sorcity opportunities are delivered to them, and there is room for further price reduction.

How much effort is required? None really; Sorcity was designed by Buyers as a service with:

  1. No Cost – Buyers didn’t want to shift the sales cost from suppliers, just reduce it.
  2. No Time – Just sign up, send us your RFQ, and we conduct the process for you.
  3. No Delay – Your ebid is ready in 1-2 days and the bid is completed in 1-2 weeks.
  4. No Training – We conduct the ebid for you while you watch. There is nothing to learn.
  5. No Software – All buyers and suppliers need is web access.
  6. No Consultants – So no added time, disruption, or cost. We support you remotely.

What is the Process?

  1. We review your typical purchase details (or help you assemble it if needed).
  2. We obtain market information to determine savings feasibility and advise you.
  3. We conduct your Online Competitive Bid so you avoid time and effort.
  4. ebidding delivers lower prices from suppliers, typically including your incumbent(s).
  5. You complete your normal due diligence and then award to your supplier of choice.

Instead of having to research suppliers, administer the RFQ, and negotiate with suppliers at length, Sorcity facilitates this on your behalf and frequently delivers better than consortium prices, without compromising service or quality.

This is your purchase so you have complete control and final say in the award.

Purchasing organizations do not typically achieve prices this low unless they use this method, also referred to as eRFQ, reverse auction, and downward bidding. We add many services, and complete Event management, to eliminate concerns and ensure success.

Successful companies use a “why not” mentality. As they look at every purchase in need of bids, it is easy to ask if there is any reason why not to allow suppliers to compete in this fair and objective bid process.

Clients Include: Pier 1 imports, Visa, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Vought Aircraft, Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), U.S. Air Force, Dave & Busters, Brinker International, Greyhound Bus Lines, Levi Strauss, many school districts and other government agencies, Hyundai and other premium auto manufacturers, GreatWide Logistics, and many, many other private-sector companies.

isn't complicated and works well if there is a commitment to a small pilot program of 3-5 meaningful purchase contracts, to bid through this method, with a goal to save at least $1,000,000 across the goods, services and capital purchases
you selected.

Any purchase you need quotes on can be processed by our team within
1-3 days in order to deliver you a high number of open, competitive bids within 10-15 days. You can gain experience on any upcoming contract you need quoted this month if desired.

Advantages & Differentiators We Provide You (at no cost):

- Advice on what you can be competitively bid and what you can expect
- Professionally managed ebid with the full infrastructure, support and security
- Web access with no software to install for buyers or suppliers
- A quick and easy process to limit your time and net you days saved
- Enable suppliers to be completely prepared to bid in less than 1-hour
- Quality Check all the information you provide to ensure success
- Assist in writing your RFQ and posting it online for supplier bidding if needed
- Research key Terms & Conditions to help you avoid headaches
- Conduct a Market Check to determine market acceptance and greater bidding
- Customer support for both buyers and suppliers
- Over 620,000 additional suppliers available to bid on your purchases
- Additional supplier research if needed for any purchase you post
- Management and monitoring of all ebid activities
- Administer all necessary and tailored communications to you and suppliers
- Resolve concerns, issues and exception items as they occur
- Maintain a third-party "independence" factor that suppliers trust
- Provide market feedback to you on the goods or services you posted
- Hold Online Bidding Events from 1 hour to 3-weeks in duration

This alternative frees up your time - typically days!

Also see the Goods, Services, and MRO examples

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