What advice do you offer to maximize my purchasing efficiency?

The following information can help you get the most from each buy-event. Industry experts share their knowledge through the following advice so that you may achieve the highest value possible. These are suggestions only. You will need to decide what procurement tactics will work best given your particular situation. In any case, you should find that Sorcity.com truly makes your job easier, by saving time, expense and material cost.

Tip 1: Best Price
  • Allow the seller to use alternate or comparable brands for a better price.
  • Buy in a larger quantity, even if you need to stipulate delivery and payment over time.
  • Expand your seller base by not constraining your purchase to a particular state.
  • Be careful not to place too many restrictive Terms & Conditions on your RFQ.

Tip 2: Best Deal

  • Complete the RFQ Terms& Conditions so that sellers know precisely what they're bidding on.
  • Consider including shipping, handling and set-up as part of the RFQ to avoid surprises.
  • Provide a longer Reverse-Auction period so more sellers will have an opportunity to evaluate their costs and provide the best bid.
  • Fill out multiple line items of like products so the seller has more room to be competitive.

Tip 3: Best Service

  • Be detailed in special delivery or install or training requirements when defining the RFQ.
  • Commit to a longer relationship and larger quantity if certain performance measures are met.

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