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Event #:  4881
Q1:  1. Will the bid be awarded to one vendor?
2. Will water heater repairs be included in the services?
3. What measure is AISD taking for preventative maintenance for water supply lines?
4. What preventative maintenance will be requested from AISD?
5. In the Policy section of this bid it states IFB and RFP, which is it?
6. Who is the department contact for work orders and day to day operational questions?
7. We understand that our Monthly Rate should cover repairs for wear and tear on kitchen equipment. What about equipment or items that have been abused or neglected, such as if AISD staff cleaned electrical equipment without causing a short, or if a Sneeze Guard glass is broken, or if there is scale build up due to improper water supply? Do we assume that items such as these will be billed/handled separately, not part of the Monthly Rate?
8. Do we include in our Monthly Rate time/labor for descaling or any other type of PM work? It does not specify. Descaling is a very time consuming job.
9. Regarding water filter replacement. We can provide water filter replacement if needed while we are already onsite servicing a location, if the filters are provided by AISD. This is covered by the Monthly Rate since we would already be onsite. However, does AISD also want to be able to turn in service calls for filter replacement only? There would need to be an additional fee for a separate filter replacement service call for labor and filters.
10. On equipment that is beyond its life expectancy, where parts are no longer available or the repair is beyond a certain percentage value of the unit, is there a procedure for noting the unit needs to be condemned, instead of repaired?
A:1. One vendor is preferred and based on the results, there may be multiple vendors awarded.
2. Yes, see Addendum 4.
3. The Food Services department is currently utilizing filters for steamers and ice machines.
4. Replacing scale sticks and filters, see Addendum 4.
5. This bid is an IFB, the Policy section is the districtís general policy for procurement of goods or services which is stated in all bids.
6. To be determined at later date. This information will be provided to the awarded vendor(s).
7. All work orders will be billed and handled in the same manner.
8. PM work is not included in the bid and therefore should not be included in the Monthly Rate.
9. Austin ISD Food Services will provide filters. Service calls will be placed when a filter needs to replaced. See Addendum 4.
10. Awarded vendor will be expected to provide their recommendation to AISD in order for district to make a decision.

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