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Event #:  1898
Q1:  1.What is the time frame for work?

2. When will job be awarded and when do you require the pump returned?

3.It is not reccomended that a pump of this size be shipped assembled because if the pump is not properly supported when lifting it off of the truck the collum could be bent. Will you accept the pump being shipped back partialy assembled and final assembly being performed by the city when it is installed?

A:Pump should be returned to service no later than April 30, 2002.
A:Bid will be awarded within 48 hours of close date.

Pump may be shipped disassembled and assembly completed at plant site by the vendor.(proof of Insurance is a must if assembly at site is required)
Q2:  1. Does this pump require sandblasting and coating, if so what type of coating?
2. Does the city of Garland do the installation of the pump?
A:1. Yes sandblasting and coating is required. Epoxy coating, color Lavon Ivory.

2. The City will install the pump. ( If shipped disassembled, vendor must assemble / proof of Insurance is a must if assembly at site is required.)
Q3:  The specs states that the Buyer will not accept substitutes. Does this mean that genuine Peerless parts must be used or can the parts be machined from raw material using the existing parts as guides?
A:Parts can be reverse engeneered or machined to restore the pump to original quality or better.
Q4:  If reverse engineered parts are acceptable, who will take performance and dimensional interchangeability responsibility. It has been shown that efficiencies and hydraulic performance are not the same resulting in reduced time between failures and increased HP and power requirements. Is there a performance test required to ensure that unit is refurbished to OEM original standards.
A:The company rebuilding the pump will take responsiblilty.
Q5:  April 30 in service date may only be possible with overtime and expediting charges. During inspection, Mark Dailey said he was lookin at June install. Does city want pricing for 3 week turn or a lower price for May/June return to service?
A:3 week return is required, we are unable to wait until May/June.
Q6:  Will the city grant and extension to get pricing for a May/June return to service date.
Q7:  What about the area around the tube nut that was cut while trying to remove the tube nut? The saw went into the Head Section about 3". This will have to be repaired. (The correct fix would be to weld up the area then, machine the face and the bore).
A:There is a surface cut into the head piece approxamatly 1/8th deep & requires buttering. The correct fix should be included in the bid price & reflect good integrity of the vendor.
Q8:  Back to reverse engineered products, is there any consideration regarding the final hydraulic performance after the refurbishment? Does it matter if the pump is several points lower in efficiency than when originally supplied?
A:We expect the pump to have the same hydrolic capabilities as originally supplied.

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