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Q1:  Questions for the Applebrooke Site Proposal:
1. In previous discussions and per the Aqua water plans, There is a 102 LF of 8" C-900 PVC water main piping that is shown on the plans but is not indicated in the scope of work or on the line item bid form. Because this main runs under two existing live gas mains, we feel strongly that this should have it's own line item on the bidding documents. I would ask that you confer with the owner and offer direction or revise the bid form?

2. Line item # 64 on the bid form calls out a Basin Access Road, but the scope of work does not make any mention of it and it is not clear as to the exact sectional details on the site plan set?
A:1. I agree and the Line Item Worksheet will be updated to include a line item under the section for "Water Main" for C-900 PVC

2. The Basin access Road is for Basin B.3. The sectional detail is with the other paving cross-sections and is labeled "Pump/Generator Access Drive". It consists of 6" 2A Modified and 2" ID-2 Wearing. All strip, cut/fill, subgrade prep, stone and asphalt installation, and finsihed grading to be included.
Q2:  Where is the spec of Class 54 DIP coming From - that is not per local Regulations?

Where is the TRM 450 coming from that is not part of the original bid package? TRM 450 is mentioned in all Curlex line items
A:Water Main Pipe is to be per the Sepcification of the Authority (Aqua PA). Aqua PA requires Class 52.

Erosion Control Matting may be bid with an equivalent alternative. (i.e. North American Green S75 for Slopes and C250 for Swales). Bidders shouldd verify equivalency.

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