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Event #:  4870
Q1:  Will AISD provide the previous year's bid tabulation with prices or is this the first time AISD is bidding compostable and reusable trays?
A:We have not bid these specifications before so no prior bid tabulation is available.
Q2:  Will AISD use these trays for direct food contact and if yes, would it be wet food with sauce or dressing? Hot or cold food?
A:Yes, direct contact of wet, hot, and cold food.
Q3:  Just to clarify, bid says 10,000 each, case quantity of 24/case.
Is this 10,000 cases of 24? Or just 10,000 single trays?
A:The unit of measure in Attachment A is "each", meaning each tray. Your per unit price you enter in Attachment A should be the per tray price.
Q4:  How many locations will be accepting delivery for the compostable trays?
A:Per the requirements stated in the "IFB Compostable & Reusable Compartment Food Trays" document, all items shall be shipped to the Districtís central warehouse located at 3701 Woodbury Dr, Austin, TX 78704. Please be sure to read through that entire document along with all other attached documents that are available for download in the online reverse auction #4870, before bidding.

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