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Event #:  4001
Q1:  If a supplier is interested in providing Recruiting Staffing Services to the 3 CSC's but would also be able to provide payroll services for the Customer Service Centers, shall the Supplier participate in the Payroll Staffing Services or will the Supplier be able to include a payroll mark-up in the Recruiting Staffing Services Auction?
A:All bids and mark-ups for Payrolled staffing must be in the Payrolled staffing bid Event.

All bids and mark-ups for Recruiting staffing must be in the Recruiting staffing bid Event.

If a Provider is bidding both, then both Line Item Worksheets must be returned at the end of bidding, per the bid instructions.
Q2:  Have all suppliers that will be participating in the Reverse Auction submitted a response to the original RFP?
A:Some providers have already been pre-screened via the questions on the Request for Information questionnaire. The rest will bid price first and if viable, they will be asked to respond to the RFI as well. There are many additional costs in the MSA Scope of Work that need to be considered besides the basic mark-ups and we need to ensure that any new Provider can definitely fulfill our service requirements. We will definitely meet with finalists for a dialogue and we will also seek references at some point. In this way, all Providers will have bid similarly and fairly. It is absolutely non-beneficial to LS&CO. to skew the manner of responses and it's in our best interest to analyze firms on an apples-to-apples basis.
Q3:  We realize that there has been an indication that the majority of the CSC work is typical warehouse/distribution center work. However, is it possible to obtain WC class codes for these facilities in advance of the bids coming due?
A:Yes, the code is 3719 for the light industrial workers in the CSC's, which includes all of the job titles such as receiving, flex-pac, sorting etc.
A:The code for this is actually 8032, and not 3719. Sorry for any confusion.
Q4:  Regarding Payroll Services; Should the percent used for bidding include the employers' portion of SUTA, FUTA, W/C and any other applicable taxes/costs associated with payroll OR should this amount be overhead costs & profit only?
A:It should include everything, including the tax burden.

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