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Event #:  2174
Q1:  Our company does not accept credit cards, are there other payment terms that would be acceptable?
A:We can accept bids on N/30 payment terms. However, our preferred method of payment for indirect materials procured under long-term contracts is by P-Card. The awarded company if not currently accepting P-Cards, shall at a minimum be willing to investigate and implement P-Card payments within a reasonable time after award (90 days).

We would enlist assistance from GE Capital (our P-Card company) to help you get set-up for P-Card payments. Typical service fees for P-Cards are .85% to 1.85% of the transaction amount (Discount Rate). Qualcomm and GE Capital have negotiated discount rates with major acquiring banks 'Merchant Banks' to aid our supply base implement P-Card payment methods.
Q2:  1) The pricing in our bid is contingent upon a mutually negotiated Supplier's Bulk Product Agreement between supplier and buyer, Is this an acceptable term to our offer, or does it disqualify us?

2) The tank storage listed in the quote requirements is much to large and costly for the volumes indicated - can we quote a smaller storage tank. For example a 6000 gallon in lieu of the 11,000 gallon ?
A:1) This is an acceptable term. We are able to enter into a Supplier's Bulk Product Agreement as long as it does not conflict with the terms already listed in our Reverse-Auction

2) Yes. As noted in the Reverse-Auction detail, alternate tank sizes are able to be bid on, but please also have pricing available for the tanks listed for our review at the end of the bidding.
Q3:  An Energy Surcharge which is a separate item and in addition to product price. Please clarify that the product price bid online should not include this surcharge and may be added post-bid.
A:For purposes of the auction, propose bids inclusive of any "Energy Surcharges". No surcharges shall be agreed by Customer post-bid. If this Energy Surcharge is passed on to customers by requirement of any governmental authority then state the agency reference and regulatory requirement.

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