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Q1:  Should FOB Orgin Unit Price be overseas (factory) or US domestic?

In the case of a US domestic quote, do we list one or all the US warehouse zip codes?
A:No FOB orgin pricing should be from a US destination. I do not want import pricing. You'll need to list all the US warehouses you'll be shipping from. That way when our LG folks calculate they will use the ZIP code closes to our DC's
Q2:  Do I need to factor any shipping costs into my bid price?
A:On your spreadsheet enter the unit amount in the grey column "D" the total will calculate in column "J" for the total amount this is the amount you enter online. This is the FOB Origin Total without shipping. If you have any questions please contact Kate at 972-612-0003 or Heather at 972-612-1555.

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