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Event #:  4858
Q1:  Shall we use the same midstream plastic housing as the one buyer currently uses? We can bid a lower price if you will accept different shape of plastic housing.
A:Yes, you may bid a different shape as long as the product you bid is a "Stick" and fits inside the packaging.
Q2:  Does the supplier have to have the TGA or are other certificates sufficient such as CE, USFDA, or 510k?
A:As stated in Requirement bullet #4: Supplier must be able to provide supporting data which will allow Mentholatum to gain approval of product by the TGA.
Q3:  Is Mentholatum providing the package insert (product directions)?
A:Yes, Mentholatum is providing the insert. Do NOT include the price of the insert in your bid.
Q4:  If we are awarded, would Mentholatum be the distributor/in-country representative and register our product in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods)? If so, does this mean that Mentholatum would also take care of any post-marketing complaints/issues?
A:Yes Mentholatum Australia would be the sponsor of the stick on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Which means that we would ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements. This may require documentation support from the manufacturer. Registration of the product would be Mentholatum’s responsibility. In regards to complaints initial contact would be with Mentholatum but where required follow up investigation and support may be requested of the manufacturer.

In Australia the name of the sponsor and manufacturer are required to be printed on the packaging of therapeutic devices, which the stick is under our local regulations.
Q5:  We can agree to the Net 60 payment terms, however it is standard for us to receive an upfront partial payment of 10%-20% for each order. Would Mentholatum be open to this?
A:Unfortunately our corporate payment policies do not allow for upfront partial payments.

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