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Q1:  How do we set up site visits?
A:You can visit any locations during normal business hours. There is no need to identify yourself. If any Dal-Tile employees inquire as to who you are or what you are doing, you may respond that you are working on a quote and this has been approved by Steve Blount in purchasing at the corporate office.
Q2:  Will we be receiving keys and alarm codes or will locking up be dependent on the Store Managers?
A:Yes. You will receive alarm codes and keys to lock up the store upon completion of services.
Q3:  Is the back of the house (storage room) part of the standard service cleanings?
A:No. Please only quote what is listed.
Q4:  On the Price Request Form, do you want a range of pricing to cover the range of square footage listed in each row, or would you prefer us to list the maximum charge for each square footage range?
A:Please provide range of pricing to cover the range of square footage listed in each row.
Q5:  Section 7 of the Dal-Tile Blanket Agreement reads “Bill Tax Free”. Is Dal-Tile Tax-Exempt for this purchase and will a Supplier be provided with a valid Tax-Exempt certificate for all relevant jurisdictions?
A:Yes, Dal-Tile is Tax-Exempt for this purchase, and the awarded supplier will be provided a valid Tax-Exempt documentation for all relevant jurisdictions.
Q6:  What is the minimum number of times to clean glass outside entrances and store fronts?
A:To answer this question and provide clarity on cleaning the interior and exterior windows, store front and outside entrance glass needs to be cleaned upon every visit, however the windows on the front of the store, both interior and exterior, need to be cleaned only once per month.
Q7:  For non-standard services – is it acceptable to schedule non-standard services during the schedule standard service?
A:Yes. Per the requirements specific to this purchase, bullet #5, Dal-Tile does not normally require any special trips, so any requested non-standard service needs to be taken care of during a scheduled standard service visit.
Q8:  Under the non-standard Services Pricing Matrix you ask for pricing for a multitude of service frequencies. We are concerned we will price ourselves out of contention if we provide pricing for extremely high service frequencies for these specialty items. Will we disqualify ourselves from consideration if we do not provide pricing for service frequencies of 2-5 times per week?
A:Yes, all suppliers are required to bid based on all requests that are stated in the bid package.

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