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Event #:  4711
Q1:  Using the Red Bull Infrastructure Tracking System - does this include hand held scanners to record the Red Bull SKU numbers? If so, are the scanners provided by Red Bull or will we have to purchase them?
A:The Red Bull Infrastructure Tracking System does not include hand held scanners.
If your company does not already utilize a tracking system that includes scanners, you would need to clearly describe your current inventory methodology in your Questionnaire, should we request it after the bid. The awarded supplier will need to have scanners available to use.
Q2:  The Service Guidelines document describes the difference between "small" events and "medium" events however, can RBNA please explain the difference between Sales team orders and Marketing team orders? Is it basically a differentiation in billing requirements?
A:There are three differences between Sales and Marketing Orders:
1. Billing purposes
2. Sales orders are more frequent than marketing orders
3. Sales orders are smaller than marketing orders. These Sales orders fall within the small or medium guidelines but tend to be smaller than the average Marketing order.
Q3:  1) Section 6 Event Support. In order to understand our total risk regarding Red Bull Infrastructure, please:
    a) Confirm the approximate value of inventory that will be shipped to a Standard Event - Small & a Standard Event - Medium.
    b) Confirm the approximate value or estimated range of value of inventory in the warehouse
2) Section 6.1.3 Deliveries and Returns must be made using clean, Red Bull Premium Brand Image appropriate vehicles. Do the vehicles require Red Bull Branding and Logo?
3) Section 2.4 Product Information. The items categories defined do not include any beverage or alcohol items. Will provider be asked to deliver beverage or handle alcohol in any manner?
A:1a. $75 to $100,000
1b. $500K to $2MM
2. No
3. No

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