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Event #:  3328
Q1:  Will the following specifications work for the right and left swing safes?

Exterior dimensions: 32.5" H x 22.75" W x 24" Deep
Interior dimensions: 26" H x 18.25" Wide x 18" Deep
420 lbs.
UL Rated Class 350
UL Explosion Rated
UL Impact Rated

Additionally - I need to know what the spacing is between EACH Shelf (per your specifications)
A:Q1-No. The specs have to match the specs provided as current designs are based upon these numbers.

Our shelving needs to be adjustable. I will let you know shortly how much space is needed between brackets that hold the shelving.
Q2:  How soon will you require samples after the bidding?
A:Q2- We will work with the vendor so as to provide a reasonable time frame that both parties are comfortable with.
Q3:  RE: 5 each Gun Safes
Will the buyer accept a safe that is 27" Deep, a door opening of 35"W x 55"H and only has 5 active locking bolts but meets all other specifications?
A:Q3-No. The specs have to match according to what was presented
Q4:  Based on a one year contract and the uncertainty of steel cost during the next year, are there any provisions for reviewing steel increases on a quarterly basis. Can Increases based on an agreed upon index be considered on this bid?
A:Q4-Understanding the uncertainty of steel cost, you will need to bid according to your best forcast judgement as we will expect your bid price for a year to hold true. That's the intent of this exercise to obtain a static price for a year.

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