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Event #:  4756
Q1:  1) In BTC’s requirements it indicates FOB Nassau - please clarify these Inco terms. We understand this to mean we are responsible for shipping to Nassau - Will BTC be clearing customs and paying duties or filing for duty free concessions?
2) DC Power Systems-10 ebid #4766 - What is the duration for the maintenance requirements on BTC EF&I sites? 1 year, 2 years, etc…
3) ODU Batteries-8 ebid #4764 - Our understanding is that in the past BTC has done their own installation on these types of items. Is installation and maintenance required for BTC's ODU Batteries requirements?
4) DC Power Systems-10 ebid #4766 - There is no mention of battery disconnects or LVD - should they be included? This is typically quoted as a requirement, however it is not listed on the requirements. Please confirm since this is an added cost for all Power Systems listed.
A:1) Yes delivered to Nassau - shipping paid by supplier. Btc will pay customs.
2) 1 Year
3) BTC will install the ODU batteries - you should have received a bid change notice regarding this, removing the pricing columns for Installation and Support costs since those are not to be included in your total price. You will only quote the per unit cost for each line item in this sub-group.
4) Yes the battery disconnect/ LVD is a requirement. It is normally quoted as part of the base system.
Q2:  1) We understand that battery charges are typically included with generators for LIME, however that requirement is not listed. Please confirm if battery chargers should be included in the generator pricing?
2.a) Item #258 Grenada Hillsborough Generator requirement is for FG Wilson 15kVA/15KW Prime. The FG P18-6 model is rated 15kVA but only for 13KW prime, the P22-6 will give you 16KW prime but is more expensive. Which is required, the 15Kva or 15KW Prime for this site?
2.b) Item #258 Voltage is listed as 230V, however it shows the requirement is a 3 phase, which would mean 400/230V or 230/115V. Please confirm voltage and phase.
A:1) Battery Chargers are required with all generators for (LIME)
2.a) 15kVA is the requirement
2.b) 230/115V
Q3:  We are unable to quote the BTC DC Power Systems-10 sub-group due to not having any details on the configuration required, as has been provided in DC Power Systems-4 for LIME via the links included in the Line Item Worksheet. We would also need a material list such as provided in Installation Materials-1. Can you please provide these details so we can quote?
Q4:  1) What are BTC standard payment terms regarding mobilization payments?
2) What Is the maximum battery size that can be used in the BTC “AFC”?
3) Will BTC be responsible for the shipment of batteries from Nassau to the various Islands?
4) For each BTC fuel cell location please provide the island and settlement/street address. Please indicate those locations, if any, which already have functioning fuel cell generators?
5) Please provide power plant requirement descriptions for – (a) Abaco, Cherokee Sound and (b) Long Island, Deadmans Cay. The spreadsheet provided is blank for these locations.
6) BTC is requesting LMS 1000 alarm monitoring. Will BTC provide wired ethernet LAN access at each site?
7) Will BTC be responsible for the transportation of the fuel cell generators from Nassau to the various islands?
A:1) Payment terms are Net 45 Days as stated. Mobilization payment terms can be discussed after the bid.
2) Most of the AFC's carry the 30-40 amp hour batteries which are basically small in nature but there are some larger AFC's that carry the cell site batteries which are usually between 155 - 170 amp hour batteries.
3) Yes BTC will account for shipping from Nassau to the other islands with the exception of equipment destine for Grand Bahama which is to be shipped directly to that island.
4) Installation has been removed from the ebid and you will only be quoting the equipment and support. If you are requested to later quote installation, the list of Islands will be provided.
5) Cherokee Sound, Abaco and Deadmans Cay, Long Island would only need 2 and 1 string of batteries respectfully as the power plants at these sites are basically new and hence no mention was made regarding power plants.
6) Yes
7) Yes BTC will account for shipping from Nassau to the other islands with the exception of equipment destine for Grand Bahama which is to be shipped directly to that island.
Q5:  1) LIME typically requests export packaging for their DC power systems. This is an additional charge. Should our pricing include export packaging or only freight to Miami?
2) On the NS802 power systems for LIME they omitted the main bays from the power plant specs which must be included for control of the power plant and to accommodate the number of breakers they are requesting. Can you please update to include the main bays for the NS802 power systems?
3) A 2-year warranty was requested for the LIME DC Power Systems. Emerson's standard warranty is 1 year however LIME can purchase an additional year as an extended warranty. If Emerson does the installation, the 2nd year is included. Should we quote with the standard 1 year or does LIME want us to include cost for 2- year extended warranty?
A:1) The price you quote is what we will expect to pay (without additional charges). Please include export packaging
2) The specs are correct. The "802 sites" already have the main frames - the need is for extension frames only. Breaker quantities include spares hence the "excess" quantities
3) Quote with 1 year warranty
Q6:  1) For BTC, are all the installations to be done in rooms that are clear of equipment or will the removal of existing equipment be part of the vendor's task?
2) Is the vendor required to install cable rack structures or will these structures be installed by BTC?
3) Is the vendor required to install battery isolators or will these be installed by BTC?
4) Is the project going to be carried out in a single stage or in multiple stages. This would have implications for the costing of travel?
5) Will BTC provide battery lifts for the installations?
6) Is BTC providing all installation materials, for example...cables, lugs, cable ties, nuts, bolts, washers, lacing cord, and heat shrink
A:1) Removal of existing equipment is part of the vendors task
2) The Vendor is as part of the power plant installation
3) Yes. BTC requires Battery Disconnect.
4) Preferably single stage within CapEx budget
5) No. Battery lifts are not available
6) No. The vendor is to supply
Q7:  In sub-group # 7(Batteries) please clarify the following:
1) Line 285 of the spreadsheet, the description shows -48V strings and the units "Set". What is a set?
2) Item 286, for example has a different unit: Cell. what is a Cell on that item ?
3)Various sub items include battery strings and the disconnect. what are the specifications for the disconnect in each item ?
4) In the Bid terms, free technical support must be included. what is the scope for Batteries free technical support?
5) In item 296, what is the meaning of the unit: Lot ?
6) Item 285: In part number/type what is the meaning of FT for the batteries ? for example : 170 FT strings.
7) What is the scope of free training for the sub-group Batteries ?
8) Item 324: what is required in this item, considering voltage is not mentioned ?
A:1) 1 Set = 1 String
2) A Cell represents a single 100AH unit.
3) Battery Disconnect specs are standard with the battery capacities
4) Free tech support means the suppliers / manufacturers must be willing to take calls and answer technical question as necessary
5) Lot = Set
6) FT - Front Terminal
7) Maintenance and capacity planning
8) The Part Number should suffice as it covers all specifications. Voltage however is 12V
1) What is the demarcation point for the AC side of the power plant installation? ie at what point will the AC Power be available for Connection to the Power Plant?
2) Is the vendor required to supply the AC cables & AC Breakers for the power plant?
3) Is the vendor required to supply and install any cable rack or support structure for the AC side of the installation?
4) Is the vendor required to install and terminate the AC cables on the buyers AC panel?
5) Is the AC to be Bulk Feed to the Power Plant or Individual Rectifier feed via a Customer Provided Wall Mount AC Panel?
A:1) The AC Distribution panel
2) No
3) No
4) No
5) Bulk Feed is required

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