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Event #:  4023
Q1:  I see it is 3 year deal. is there opportunity to increase price inside the 3 years due to manufacturer price increase?
A:Yes there is a 6-Month Price Fluctuation. The full term is listed under the Term and Conditions of the Event.
Q2:  Will the orders be placed in increments of 150 square yards? or 12ft x 150ft = 200sq.yds.?
A:Orders will be per store but will be cut, bundled and shipped in 150 square yards.
Q3:  I see the bid is for the total of 40,000 square yards? Is the buyer able to make this purchase as one order, with smaller periodic shipments sent as needed? This will get you the Best Price.
A:We are committing to a 40,000 square yard committment but will purchase on an as needed basis.

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