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Q1:  1) Is the Net billing a mandatory requirement (T&C #1)?  If so we likely will not be able to participate because we pay for flights as they are booked and would therefore not want to float that cost.  A good Credit Card program is far preferable since it still provides a Net 30 Days for the Client and also includes many other benefits just from the CC program itself.
2) Can you tell us which airline you currently have contracts with and if you have upfront discounts them? 
3)  Any idea what percentage of calls would require Spanish speaking, and is this system wide or just in certain territories, like Panama? 
4) Are you able to provide any spend volumes by country please?  We would be unable to participate without clear understanding of this. 

1) No, a credit card program is okay.
2) We currently have 1 airline contract (Virgin) however we do not have any upfront discounts included. In the future we may have upfront discounts, in which case the awarded Service Provider must use those rates, if lower than the Service Provider's, as stated in the bid.
3) Panamá represents less than 10% of the group total spend so the same percentage is likely applicable to the number of Spanish calls you could expect. Almost all Panamá executive travelers speak English, but their assistants maybe not. Having one bilingual agent available on staff is probably necessary to adequately cover our needs.
4) Unfortunately we do not have an exact spend volume specifically by country but we have provided a breakdown of spend as reported by division regionally, which hopefully combined with our top city pairs and destinations provides enough detail. Our total annual spend is approximately $8.3M for Air & Hotel:
Jamaica Panama London Bahamas
Air: $1.91M $431K $2.85M $84K
Hotel: $685K $230K $509K $256K
Hotel booked w/ Air: $1.3M

Q2:  In order to provide best pricing from our global partners, approximately how many travelers will originate from London?
A:We are not sure on an exact head count of travelers originating from London, however please be aware we will be moving that office to Miami over the course of this year so that by this time next year, there will likely be only be a few employees in London which may or may not require travel. We anticipate the total volume of travel, from those travelers, will be about the same as it is today, however the origin will just be from Miami instead of London.

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