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Q1:  Would you consider an alternate bid to look at? We will bid this project as requested, but would like to provide an alternate that will cut cost. We have products that are proven to last longer, than the stated frequency of change, while maintaining efficiency.
A:Please quote the bid per the requirements stated. Following the bid, we may consider alternate solutions.
Q2:  1. Would we be able to store and utilize 2 non-marking carts for the roof during the disposal of filters?
2. Are we able to store filters on-site or must we store independently and bring to location each time?
A:1. Yes that is okay.
2. There isn't much space so maybe 1 set of HEPA filters and 1 set of Bag filters, but not more than that.
Q3:  How many pockets should the bag filters have?
A:They should have a minimum of 10 pockets.

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