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Event #:  4501
Q1:  Can you provide the annual estimated average number of clips to be shared, and the average number of views, so we can account for copyright compliance requirements?
A:Estimation: About 5 clips per working day and they are viewed by about 100 people internally.
Q2:  The Financial Times requires a direct relationship with their subscribers in order to include their content with any third party services. Are you aware of this and would you be willing to sign a separate subscription for Financial Times content?
A:Yes, if a specific media outlet requires the direct relationship, we will sign the subscription.
Q3:  Regarding the requirement to include the top 200 key media outlets/publications and top 20 broadcast markets, can you define how we should arrive at the appropriate top 200/20, or are you leaving this open to our expertise to determine which ones we feel will work best for you?
A:I would like to leave this open to your expertise.
Q4:  Our firm will likely not participate with the Convenience Out clause referenced in the the bid, although we can agree to bid with the Performance Out portion of that clause. May we bid as if the Convenience Out clause is not required? It is easier to provide long term award prices if there is no Convenient Out clause since that would not be inline with a longer term award.
A:Yes. You may bid without the Convenience Out clause included.

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