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Event #:  4807
Q1:  Regarding the Distribution Drive location, it mentions that warehousing will be needed for some of the products due to limited floor space in this location. Can you please identify which of the items will need to be warehoused? There is an inventory carrying cost associated with warehousing and we want to make sure our pricing reflects the warehousing requirements. Thank you!
A:Here are the items currently warehoused:
Item #'s 22-27 & # 30
Q2:  We would like to quote the Bristol location, but need to know how these items are released. Are they warehoused? What are the run-up quantities?
A:All product is always delivered on full pallets. Some items are warehoused, but this is up to the vendor. If items are warehoused, we will only commit to 30 days worth of product to take if we discontinued the item or move the business elsewhere. Please check your email for attached annual usage details for Bristol.

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