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Q1:  1. Will the successful bidder be able able to interview, select, screen, and oversee it's employees on-site?

2. What types of workforce related challanges have you experienced in the last two years?

3. Please explain any seasonality in your business and when and for how long spikes in production may occur?

4. Have you experienced shortages in labor in the past year and how has that affected your output?
A:1. The Mentholatum Company will not provide facilities for recruitment on their premises.

2. Attendance is huge. We are typically able to get temps in a timely manner but they seem to have attendance issues within the first week or so. We can sometimes have performance issues (specifically keeping up with the lines as well as the manual dexterity of the work) with the temporaries as well.

3. We typically have temporary employees year round. The season is typically in its peak anywhere between Aug/Sept to December/January. We may slow down during January, February, March and then pick back up some. However, our busiest time is during the Aug/Sep to Dec/Jan timeframe.

4. We have not experienced huge shortages in labor this past year. We may have gone a day or two without the temp headcount we wanted but typically have the headcount within a few days. I don't believe it has affected our output specifically. If we don't have the temp headcount we want, then we may schedule overtime to get the job done.
Q2:  Being that there are three shifts, what hours do you expect the recruiters to be available?
A:The Awarded Supplier will be expected to be available during normal business hours.
Q3:  1. Can a tour of the facility be provided and be able to view the positions that are referred to in the bid?

2. Can we have access to the OSHA 300 log?

The combination of the two questions above allow a staffing firm to be able to calculate cost of services which in turn allows us the opportunity to place the most competitive offering.

A:1. A tour cannot be accommodated at this time, however, an informational video has been added to the bid to give providers a look inside The Mentholatum Company.

2. The OSHA 300A logs for 2007, 2008, & 2009 have been added to the bid.
Q4:  1. Is it possible that the secondary supplier receive more than 40% of the business due to conformance with the procedures mentioned?

2. Will the selected suppliers have an opportunity to work on direct placement positions?

3. Does the seller anticipate pay rate changes annually?
A:1. The secondary supplier will only receive more than 40% if the primary fails to meet the stated performance metrics and we decide to go to the secondary supplier for the remaining business.

2. Yes, the selected suppliers may be afforded the opportunity to bid on direct placement positions. However, we rarely have direct placment positions.

3. We review pay rates annually, depending on annual review results will dictate a pay rate change.
Q5:  When the best qualified supplier is selected, what date would the supplier start recieving new job requisitions?
A:Depending on how the due dilligence phase (post bid review) goes, that will determine when supplier will start receiving job requistions. We believe that award will be given on September 30th and the first half of October is a reasonable time frame.
Q6:  Will the secondary supplier use the primary suppliers time keeping system or is there sufficient capacity for an additional time keeping system?
A:The Secondary Supplier will be expected to maintain their own time keeping system.

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