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Event #:  1560
Q1:  RFQ-ID: 100101-1560 & 100201-1562

Is there restroom access for the guards at this facility during the hours of guard operation? For example, at the 168(hrs. a week) post, is there a restroom avialable 24hrs a day? This is a must.

Is there a guard shack and/or is there an electrical outlet where the guard is stationed? We need to be able to recharge the Two-way radios (we operate on a exclusive, private frequency) and guard tour tracking systems (Touch Probe) we provide.

Is the guard shack/room or closet secured (able to be locked)? We also need to secure our equipment.
A:Yes, the guards do have access to building facilities. The guard shack does lock up and is located behind the security gate. It also has a regular electrical outlet.

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