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Q1:  This question is specifically regarding the replacements noted on the bottom of the line item work sheet. Do the numbers represent loss and damage replacements only, or do they reflect total garment replacements? Since all garments replaced under normal wear and tear are replaced at no charge to the customer, we feel it is imperative that this differentiator be completely defined so the cost is a complete and fair representation of the buyer’s intent.
A:The total reflects loss and damage replacements only. Normal wear and tear garments are not included in this total.
Q2:  Can the buyer please provide a complete listing of garment specifications with desired manufacturers, manufactures lot numbers and any hazard risk category requirements needing to be met as outlined under NFPA guidelines for electrical arc flash or flash fire?
A:Full descriptions and pictures of the uniforms will be made available tomorrow and will hopefully provide the level of detail necessary to bid accurately.
Q3:  Does the weekly garment tracking system have to account for loss and damages for each department? That would usually be accounted for on the weekly invoices. Most tracking systems only cover if an item was turned in for cleaning (picked up by vendor) or returned clean.
A:We prefer the tracking system to account for this, however we would be willing to look at the forms (invoices) and documentation before making a final decision.
Q4:  In the Vendor packet on page 6 of the PCC Structurals Standard Performance Agreement, Paragraph V. states that "This contract may be cancelled with 30 days written notice by either party." and at another place in the agreement under Terms & Conditions Paragraph 18 states that this would only be for Service related issues...or if the buyer "decides they don't want to continue a rental program..." Is this negotiable? I believe that both parties should be protected in order to be fair. Would the buyers agree to provide something that would protect both parties...with the exception of service related issues?
A:The Cancellation Clause for this purchase is what is stated in the online RFQ, bullet #18 under Terms & Conditions, which replaces the Cancellation Clause in the Vendor Packet, page 6 of the PCC Structurals Standard Performance Agreement, Paragraph V.

If PCC executes this clause due to the unlikely event that the Buyer decides that uniform leasing services will no longer be used by PCC, PCC will agree to purchase the non-returnable uniforms currently being provided to PCC at that time, at the pro-rated dollar value.
Q5:  Our company cannot accept payment terms of 75 days. It will prevent us from bidding. Is this flexible?
A:Net30 days will be acceptable, however Suppliers who can offer Net75 or 3%15 Net60 will be favored.
Q6:  Is it an absolute requirement to provide a dedicated driver, or can we use more than one driver if the price bid can be more competitive?
A:Yes, we will allow more than one driver, provided there is consistency within the route and within our policy.

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