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Event #:  3120
Q1:  The schedule of events talks about submitting Line Item Worksheets and Solicitation Packages. Are those something that can be pulled from the website or will they be supplied later to suppliers when notified?
A:All links are at the bottom of the the Reverse-Auction. We also have links to all Exhibits, Worksheets and Solicitations through at the Reverse-Auction. The exact name for the Line Item Worksheet is WorksheetExhibitB. If you have other any other questions please give Sorcity a call at 972-612-1555.
Q2:  Is it possible to bid only on one or two of these machines or is it necessary to bid on all 4 for Europe and 3 for the Pacific?
A:You must bid on ALL machines that are listed as part of this Reverse-Auction.
Q3:  Are the machines expected to be equipped with a coin changer and bill validator? If so, is there a specific brand that needs to be used (or an equivalent)?
A:Please refer to Exhibit C for exact specifications on all machines.

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