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Q1:  Where is this account headquatered? What part of the country is this bid coming from?
A:Please be sure to read the entire RFQ, however, you will find the corporate address under the Terms & Conditions, bullet #6b.
Q2:  Is the successful bidder responsible for servicing equipment that is already under lease?
A:No. The awarded Supplier is only responsible for servicing the new equipment they bid.
Q3:  It is stated that 22% of the fleet is at end of term, will the bidding take place for those copiers only or the entire fleet? Are you requesting 5 year lock on pricing even for the contracts that do not expire until 2-3 years from now?
A:You are to bid all copiers on the Line Item Worksheet. Bullet #10 of the additional bid guidelines indicates that the price of any copier replaced as the lease expires will be provided at the same price bid on your Line Item Worksheet.
Q4:  Do you want all leases to be coterminous and end on June 2017, so the lease that ends on 3/31/15 will be replaced by a 15 month lease?
A:Yes. Bullet #10 of the additional bid guidlines indicates that any copier lease that expires will be replaced by a copier leased for the remaining months of the 5-year term.
Q5:  Since the deal is potentially worth over 2 million dollars in equipment and service, can you provide your company’s legal name and the last 2 years of audited financials? This allows us to get Accentcare the best possible rates and a long term contract.
Q6:  Will the vendor awarded the business be responsible for the return of the current equipment?
A:No, you will only be responsible for the return of equipment that is leased to AccentCare by you.
Q7:  The bid does not state specifically how the service invoicing is to be handled. Typically we handle service invoicing quarterly and lease invoicing monthly. Is this okay or do you have a preference?
A:Yes, we prefer quarterly invoicing for both service and cost per copy invoices.
Q8:  We can quote all items accurately with the exception of Item #182, Ricoh EX907. There are a few different options that meet the minimum specifications depending on the types of media and weights of the paper you are currently running. Can you please provide details for these two specifications: media and weight of paper to make sure we are quoting this accurately?
A:Line Item #182, Ricoh EX907, only uses standard 8" x 11.5" paper and the weight is 20lbs.
Q9:  I understand that the leases all need to be co-terminus, but please clarify the pricing structure. Does this mean we must quote a specific model number at the same rate regardless of the length of time remaining in term? In other words, if a specific model number has 5 years left and the same model number is to be provided for a different location 36 months later, would we quote the same rate?
A:Yes, if you bid a price for model (X) on a 5-year term, then your price will be the same for that model (X) on the Line Item Worksheet regardless of when it rolls into the program.
A:If you are unable to provide a single average price for specific models, an alternate acceptable method would be to enter different pricing for each specific model where the current lease ends at a different time. Pricing for specific models where those current leases end at the same time, should have the same price.
Q10:  The spreadsheet shows approximately 71 units to be replaced in 2012 some these have various end dates later in the year. Are these to be replaced all on the first go around or as the leases end?

Also if the Buyer cannot get credit approval are they willing to purchase the equipment outright?
A:Per the bid guidelines bullet #11, copiers will only need to be replaced as the leases end, and per the Terms and Conditions bullet #5, the awarded supplier must coordinate the delivery and replacement of any copier 30 days in advance of the Buyer's current lease end date, with the new copier being delivered 1 week before current copier lease ends.

No, there will not be an outright purchase of any copier. If credit is not approved, Sorcity will work with AccentCare to find a resolution.
Q11:  Regarding the Accessories tab on the Line Item Worksheet, how do you want us to quote this? If we are to quote based on length of lease term then what term should we use?
A:Please base your price increases for all accessories on a 36-month lease term. This will limit the number of copiers that could potentially have a higher price for the accessories quoted to the 20 copiers that have a lease term less than 36-months.
Q12:  Given that interest rates may fluctuate over the 5-year term, in order not to artificially hedge our lease prices higher, will AccentCare agree to review interest rates on an annual basis and adjust the lease interest rate accordingly?
A:Yes, AccentCare agrees to review an annual interest rate change and allow a corresponding lease rate change, on the interest portion of the lease only, each year the awarded supplier provides written notice, with verifiable documentation of the interest rate change, 60 days in advance of each 1-year interval.

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