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Event #:  3826
Q1:  Request clarification for "Vendors will be required to provide performance and payment bonds equal to 100% of the contract award prior to award of the contract. Cost of these bonds should be included in the total project cost".

This reads as if the bonds need to be purchased and in place prior to business award. Could bonds be purchased based on business awarded? That would eliminate out of pocket costs for just participating in the bid process.
A:Yes. Suppliers will just need to have a bonding company already lined up, so that if selected for award, (after the bidding), the bonding company can immidiately provide a letter of intent to Spring ISD.
Q3:  Kensington 62146 670 joule power strip has been discontinued. Kensington makes a 62144 520 joule with 6 outlets, or a 62688 8 outlet with 1890 joules. Which is preferred?
A:The Kensington 62144 520 joule six outlet strip is acceptable.
Q4:  MediaPhile Ensemble 60-2 has been discontinued. The 60-3 has replaced it. Part # for ceiling mount speakers is CEIL-E3. Is this acceptable?
A:Yes, this is O.K.
Q5:  For phase 3 - does Spring want everyhting purchased and delivered to them and then in 08 Spring releases the equipment back to us for installation or do they want to wait unit 08 to actually purchase this equipment?
A:We want to wait until 08 to purchase the equipment and we want the warranty for the equipment to begin at installation.
Q6:  How long should the pole be?
A:Standard length for a 9-foot ceiling
Q7:  What are the part numbers for the anthro carts and the options they want included with the carts?
A:Part number: SEC24SM/FG5 No Options
Q8:  will we have to mount a speaker onto the Anthro cart?
Q9:  Will spring be issuing asset tags to the vendor who will be responsible for asset tagging each unit and recording the asset tag and serial number and reporting that back to Spring?
Q10:  what above the tile ceiling plate (brand and model) has been specified for GC to install?
A:Chief 440 ceiling mount.
Q11:  The mediaphile speaker takes a special mounting plate to integrate with the ceiling plate, should that be added to the cost of the speaker?
Q12:  The Two Year Service Agreement calls for "Hot Swappable" projector and mount, does that mean we only have to keep one of each on hand?
A:There need to be enough to maintain a supply to service the account.
Q13:  Under terms and conditions it says that you must have a locaiton in Houston, please define locaiton. Does that mean a sales person with a home office or a person working out of an executice suite is considered certified to participate?
A:Needs to be a certified Mitsubishi repair location.
Q14:  Quantity on bid invitation is 140 and quantity on Line Item Worksheet is 150. Which amount is correct?
A:The quantity to bid is 140, and the Line Item Worksheet has been updated. The Buyer believes this might increase under this award, but prefers to be conservative, so bid 140, with the knowledge it could increase.

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