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Q1:  1. We have been requested to include the consumables price (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, trash can liners, etc.) into the monthly service rate, however since this is a brand new building, we may overestimate and charge you too much or underestimate and lose money. Therefore, can we bid the consumables as a separate line item so we have more transparency, via itemized invoicing, and would The Range be open to a slight change in price on the consumables price, if needed, to be sure we are not over or under charging for consumables?
2. The requirements state that we have a two hour window each evening to clean...from 9pm - 11pm. Is it possible to consider opening that window up to 4 hours? It's very difficult to find employees who are willing to come to a site and clean for just 2 hours, three nights a week. Most part time shifts are 4 hours, so if we could possibly create that here, it would be very helpful.
A:1. Yes, this will be acceptable. You should receive a revised Line Item Worksheet from Sorcity showing consumables as a separate biddable item.
2. No, unfortunately we are only able to allow the 9-11pm window due to our staff also needing to stay after hours with the cleaning crew.

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