Janitorial Services
Final Bid: $254,500.00
Bid Number 59: $255,000.00
Bid Number 58: $257,000.00
Bid Number 57: $257,500.00
Bid Number 2: $379,308.00
 First Bid:$520,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   2777
Date Ended: July 23, 2003
Duration:     5 hr   30 min  
Start:   Wed Jul 23, 2003 at 9:00 am CT
End:     Wed Jul 23, 2003 at 2:30 pm CT
Category:   Janitorial

Qty: 1   Unit: Lot
Janitorial Services & Supplies (Per Bid Package)
All pre-qualified suppliers will be given an on-site plant tour prior to bidding. You will also be given an opportunity to ask any questions at that time.

First Floor Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Second Floor Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Ground Floor Diagram (Click to enlarge)


  • All clarifying questions or exceptions should be entered above through the [Question] button. All answers will be posted shortly thereafter for all Suppliers to view

  • If you have questions and need to speak directly to a representative, please contact Sorcity at (972) 612-0003. Any direct contact with the Buyer may result in immediate disqualification to participate in this Reverse-Auction or gain this business.

  • No bids will be accepted outside of this Reverse-Auction. Bidding in any other manner will disqualify you for this opportunity.

    The Process for Final Selection is Anticipated As Follows:

  • On July 15th at 9:00 a.m. Buyer walked all invited Suppliers thru Building.

  • By July 28th the Buyer will have contacted all low bid Suppliers.

  • By July 30th the Buyer will award this to Supplier who's best low-bid meets their qualifications.

  • By September 1st the awarded Supplier will begin their contract with the Buyers.

  • Online Bid Procedures:

    The Seller must have a location in Dallas, Texas, United States

    The Seller must enter into a corporate agreement to extend over a period of   2 year(s)

    The Seller must honor the Bid Price until September 2005.

    Payment Terms: Net 30

    Other criteria:

    1.) Buyer may terminate this contract, or any part thereof, by written notice (60) days in advance to Seller.

    a.) Any termination by Buyer, whether for default or otherwise, shall be without prejudice to any claims for damages or other rights of Buyer against Seller.

    b.) Seller shall continue performance of this contract to the extent not terminated.

    2.) Seller may terminate this contract, or any part thereof, by written notice (60) days in advance to Buyer.

    3.) Seller will make available a representative to accompany Buyer’s maintenance manager on a monthly facility walk through commencing from contract start date through term of contract.

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