C-5 Linear Stretch Dies - 72 LSB's
Final Bid: $392,500.00
Bid Number 221: $393,000.00
Bid Number 220: $396,500.00
Bid Number 219: $397,000.00
Bid Number 2: $990,000.00
 First Bid:$1,000,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   2693
Date Ended: June 26, 2003
Duration:   1 day   7 hr  
Start:   Wed Jun 25, 2003 at 8:00 am CT
End:     Thu Jun 26, 2003 at 3:45 pm CT
Category:   Tooling

Qty: 1   Unit: Package
This package contains a total of 72 Linear Stretch Dies that shall be bid on and awarded as one package.

No sample parts or tool try out will be required.


  • Any contact with the buyer prior to the buyer contacting you can disqualify you for this opportunity. For questions contact Sorcity at 972-612-0003.

    The Process for Final Selection is Anticipated As Follows:

  • By June 27th the Buyer will have contacted all low bid Suppliers to further qualify.

  • By July 18th the Buyer will award this to Supplier who's best low-bid meets their qualifications.

  • Online Bid Procedures:

    The Seller must honor the Bid Price until September 2003.

    Payment Terms: Please quote pay terms

    Other criteria: All terms and conditions referenced in the RFQ dated 6/12/03, shall apply to this reverse auction.

    Bidder is required to completely fill out the following document once your final bid has been posted. This document must be completed and e-mailed to BidSupport@Sorcity.com by the end of the busines June 27, 2003 in order for your bid proposal to be accepted.

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