Refuse management
Final Bid: $63,050.00
Bid Number 19: $63,550.00
Bid Number 18: $64,050.00
Bid Number 17: $64,500.00
Bid Number 2: $72,000.00
 First Bid:$72,500.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   1354
Date Ended: April 30, 2001
Duration:   6 days   3 hr  
Start:   Tue Apr 24, 2001 at 12:00 pm CT
End:     Mon Apr 30, 2001 at 3:06 pm CT
Category:   Waste Management

Qty: 700   Unit: Hauls
Waste removal service consisting of transportation & disposal of vendor furnished 40 cubic yard rolloff containers & two Southwest Marine trash compactors.
Waste consists of clean wood and non-hazardous materials. Occasional demolition/construction materials.

    Service locations, in order usage:

  • SWM facilities on Sampson Street= 15, 25, 40 cu yd rolloffs, (one of which dedicated to clean wood); two 125 cu yd trash compactors

  • 32nd St. Naval Station, San Diego= 15, 25, 40 cu yd rolloffs

  • North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado= 15, 25, 40 cu yd rolloffs

  • Ballast Point Sub Base, Point Loma= 15, 25, 40 cu yd rolloffs

    Estimated monthly hauls for above facilities:
    5 - 15 cu yd
    4 - 25 cu yd
    9 - 40 cu yd
    11 - 125 cu yd

    Additional roll offs and hauls will be needed for each ship. The number and size of roll offs required will vary with each ship.

    Number of hauls fluctuate with the workload of the shipyard. Dumpsters are normally required at our site within 24 hours after request.

  • Online Bid Procedures:

    The Seller must have a location in California

    The Seller must honor the Bid Price for 30 calendar days.

    The Seller need not be licensed.

    The Seller need not be ISO compliant.

    Payment Terms: Net 30

    The Buyer will issue 1 purchase order

    The Seller will ship this order to 1 location

    Once notified, the Seller's delivery must be Next day delivery

    This purchase is not taxable

    This item requires setup from the Seller
    Setup need not be included
    Buyer will not pay for setup

    Buyer will not accept substitutes

    Other criteria: Service to begin by June 2001
    One purchase order will be issued for facility trash for one year.
    Separate purchase orders will be issued for each ship (usually a US Navy ship). The number and size of roll offs required will vary with each ship.
    Invoicing is to be per purchase order, per month.
    Bid price is for hauling of vendor supplied roll offs. Landfill fees charged to SWM will not exceed $41 per ton.

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