Temporary Staffing
Final Bid: $4,358,731.65
Bid Number 30: $4,361,731.65
Bid Number 29: $4,373,695.05
Bid Number 28: $4,376,695.05
Bid Number 2: $4,747,000.00
 First Bid:$4,750,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   4490
Date Ended: August 31, 2010
Duration:   13 days   23 hr  
Start:   Tue Aug 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm CT
End:     Tue Aug 31, 2010 at 2:09 pm CT
Category:   Temporary Staffing

Qty: 360,000   Unit: Hour


Change Log


OSHA 300A Forms for 2007, 2008 & 2009 added

The Mentholatum Company Informational video added


The Mentholatum Company is accepting bids on a 5-year term for Temporary Labor in Orchard Park, New York.  Please read this complete ebid, all email notices, and the Sorcity Member Agreement, in full, so you understand the bid guidelines and are properly prepared for this bid if your company qualifies and would like to participate.

The Buyer would like to establish a long-term relationship with one primary supplier and one backup supplier, who are able to provide the quality and service-levels outlined in this bid document. 


Although price is an important element of this award this is not a price-only decision. Other factors to be considered include; quality, service-levels, responsiveness, terms & conditions, and relationship.  After the bidding ends, the Buyer may contact several low bidders so they have an opportunity to discuss their capabilities, and additional benefits, before an award is made (see Key Dates below).  The anticipated start date for this award is October, 2010. 



Any direct contact with the Buying Organization regarding this opportunity, prior to, during, or after the ebid, until the Buyer contacts you, will cause you to be in violation of the bid process and be eligible for penalties (see Sorcity Member Agreement).


The Mentholatum Company requests that they not be solicited after this bid for any additional Temporary Labor business.  If they have a need for additional Temporary Labor staffing, they will make their requirements known and there is no need to solicit them.


The quantities listed in the Line Item Worksheet for each shift are expected to be the minimum purchasing requirements during the next 5-years, based on the last 12-months of actual usage.  Current suppliers should know that the Buyer does not intend to award a price higher than what they are currently paying, so bid aggressively.



If you are able to provide and bid on all shifts listed, and meet all terms and conditions stated, then you are invited to bid in this Online Bid Event (ebid). You may not bid otherwise.  


Bids will Only be accepted through this ebid.  Bidding in any other manner, or attempting to sell directly to one of the Buyer's locations, will disqualify you for this business for the term of the award and will remove you from good standing with the Buyer and Sorcity for future business.  We look forward to your participation and help in maintaining the integrity of this fair and objective bid process.


Of the 2 (two) suppliers awarded, the primary supplier will receive approximately 60% of the total business and the backup supplier will receive approximately 40% of the total business (remaining portion).


All bidders should base their bids on the larger 60% volume (primary supplier), so the buyer can see the most competitive pricing.  You will also need to provide (where designated in the Line Item Worksheet) how that price may change (a percent markup) if you are awarded the 40% backup portion.


For both primary and secondary suppliers, the total level of business received will be contingent upon continual supplier performance in accordance with all requirements of this bid.


  1. Sorcity is providing you this Line Item Worksheet to list your markup rate, which will automatically calculate the “Total” bid price. Only the “Total” from the Worksheet may be entered as your bid in the online Event. Do not attempt to enter line item prices online or your bid will be inaccurate.

  2. Please be sure to save the Line Item Worksheet to your desktop first, then use it to work up your Bid.  This will allow you to promptly return this worksheet once the bidding ends.

  3. Once the bidding ends, you must send in your electronic Line Item Worksheet to Sorcity within one (1) hour after the bidding ends.

  4. The Hourly Labor Rate for each shift has been defined and must not be changed by bidders during the bid process.  Suppliers will be bidding ONLY their markup rate.

  5. Please note that this is not a commitment to buy all hours in each shift listed, but a good faith effort to meet or exceed the dollar amount awarded for hours in this general category.

  6. Your Dun & Bradstreet number should be placed in the Line Item Worksheet, where noted.  



Here are requirements specific to this purchase:

  1. The awarded Suppliers should be able to provide replacement employees within 2 (two) business days after request

  2. For new employees or a new project, the Buyer typically gives at least 1 (one) week of advanced notice

  3. Orientation to be conducted at the location of the awarded Supplier - (Buyer will provide CD or equivalent)

  4. Supplier is required to carry $2,000,000 Worker's Compensation Coverage

  5. Buyer will not pay markup or rate for an employee that leaves before 3 (three) work days have been completed under normal circumstances - an illness or accident that causes an employee to not show will not be considered a violation.

  6. One of two dexterity tests must be used to screen potential employees:  Minnesota Dexterity Test or Purdue Pegboard Test

  7. A 10-panel drug test must be used to screen all potential temporary employees

  8. Suppliers must have a Safety Program in place for temporary employees

  9. Suppliers must offer a Benefit Package to temporary employees

  10. Suppliers will be expected to provide their own timekeeping system and track all hours worked.

  11. Suppliers will be expected to provide regular updates to the Buyer as to the status of employee request

  12. Performance Metrics:

    1. 95% or better fill rate within 2 (two) business days after request for replacement employees

    2. 98% level of time on job for a full week must be maintained


Failure to maintain established Performance Metrics is cause for The Mentholatum Company to terminate award with no further Buyer liability

Temporary Labor

1-year Qty (Hrs)

5-year Qty (Hrs)

Pay Rate





1st Shift - Light Industrial




2nd Shift - Light Industrial




3rd Shift - Light Industrial


*The Mentholatum Company reserves the right to pay any temporary employee a higher labor rate than what is stated in this bid.  Markup rates must remain consistent regardless of  a pay rate increase for a given job description.


Job Titles & Description:

  1. Packaging Associate 1 - Worker's Comp Code: 4611  - Used on all 3 shifts.

  2. Material Handler - Worker's Comp Code: 4611 - May not always be used on all three shifts

OSHA 300A Forms - Added 8/20


  1. 2007 - 3 Incidents in the Production area where the Temp Labor will be employed

  2. 2008 - 2 Incidents in the Production area where the Temp Labor will be employed

  3. 2009 - 4 Incidents in the Production area where the Temp Labor will be employed


The Mentholatum Company Information Video - Added 8/20



 KEY DATES:   Anticipated for Award (U.S. Central Time)





8/19 by

10:00 a.m.

I confirm I meet all terms and Will-Bid Event #4490

8/20 by

10:00 a.m.

All clarifying questions should be entered online

8/24 by

10:00 a.m.

You must be currently registered with Sorcity (no cost)

8/30 by

2:00 p.m.

Receive Access Code and place opening bid

8/31 by

2:00 p.m.

Final bids due for Event #4490 - Temporary Staffing

8/31 by

3:00 p.m.

Supplier to send Line Item Worksheet to Sorcity

9/1 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will contact low bid Suppliers

9/6 - 9/17


Selected Suppliers to meet with Buyer

9/30 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will award to best qualified Supplier

After the bid, you may be asked to meet with The Mentholatum Company to finalize their understanding of your capabilities. If requested, please be prepared to address the following items:

  1. Safety Program and Safety Record

  2. Benefits Package

  3. Background Check Process

  4. Detailed breakdown of what your markup rate is comprised of   

  5. Time System to be used until new Buyer system is in place


The Buyer requests that they meet with the team that will be assigned to The Mentholatum Company account (Sales Rep, Customer Service, Acct Rep, etc...)



Sorcity is committed to following the Institute for Supply Management’s Ethics Guidelines for procurement and has therefore implemented the following bid guidelines to ensure all suppliers are treated fairly. Please comply with the following or you may be disqualified from bidding on this opportunity. 

  • All clarifying questions or exceptions should be entered above through the [Question] button. Answers will be posted, shortly thereafter, for all Suppliers to view. 

  • If you need to speak directly to a representative, please call Sorcity at (972) 661-3265. Any direct contact with Buyer, regarding this bid, is prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification to participate in this ebid. 

  • By placing a bid in this ebid, you represent that your firm agrees to all terms, stated in the Sorcity Member Agreement, and all content, terms, and conditions contained in this document, except for any exception Sorcity, or the Buyer, may grant in writing, or on the Question & Answer page linked above.

  • The Supplier understands that no assumptions are to be made, and that content, or clauses, not contained in this ebid do not apply, unless approved in writing by the Buyer and Sorcity. 

  • This bid must be honored for the duration of your discussions with the purchasing organization, per the terms stated in the ebid. If you are unable to honor this bid at any time, you MUST cease discussions with the Buyer and notify Sorcity. Please read the Sorcity Member Agreement regarding not honoring your bid and any associated penalty fees. 

Online Bid Procedures:

Other criteria:

  1. In order to be considered for this award, you must be able to provide employees for all shifts listed above.

  2. Payment terms are Net 30.

  3. Standard Purchase Order Terms & Conditions: We have provided an advanced look at the standard Mentholatum Company Purchase Order Terms & Conditions. We urge all Providers to review this in advance so that you are aware of the general terms and conditions of The Mentholatum Company before bidding.

  4. Given the need to track purchases and program conformance, the Supplier will need to provide The Mentholatum Company and Sorcity annual sales reports, within 30-days following the end of each year of the term, in an electronic Excel format, a summary total including, but not limited to; items purchased, transaction date, total by shift, per unit and total dollar amount.

  5. Markup rates must be fixed for the initial 12-month period and then for each subsequent 12-month period, at which time rates may be adjusted up or down based on verifiable documentation as to the reason for change, such as an increase/decrease in FICA or Unemployment Insurance rates. Notice should be given at least 30-days prior to the end of the current price period.

  6. Requests for price changes shall be subject to written acceptance before becoming effective. In the event new prices are not in conformance with the industry changes, this award may be cancelled based on a Supplier performance problem.

  7. Seller must honor their bid price until September 2015, relative to the Price Fluctuation Clause stated above.

We appreciate your participation in this ebid opportunity!

Bid Box will appear here on Opening Bid Day, once you have logged into your account after registering and receiving the Access Code, per the Key Dates above.)

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