Coffee & Tea Brewing Equipment
Final Bid: $674,000.00
Bid Number 15: $675,000.00
Bid Number 14: $676,000.00
Bid Number 13: $677,000.00
Bid Number 2: $735,000.00
 First Bid:$740,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   3563
Date Ended: December 13, 2005
Duration:   6 days   2 hr  
Start:   Wed Dec 7, 2005 at 12:00 pm CT
End:     Tue Dec 13, 2005 at 2:24 pm CT
Category:   Restaurant and Hotel

Qty: 473   Unit: Bundled Equipment Pk     Part/Model #:Various

Brinker International, is interested in establishing a long-term relationship with a preferred supplier for the installation and servicing of Coffee and Tea Brewing Equipment to be used in Brinker concepts across the United States. Buyer has pre-set equipment packages by store type to be delivered to a third party distribution center. The term of this pricing agreement is 3 years.


You are invited to furnish substantiating information that shows that the equipment you are quoting meets or exceeds the minimum requirements as outlined in the Line Item Worksheet contained within this bid opportunity. You are also required to state your warranty for Brinker International and please offer any additional information (energy savings, PM programs, start up information, etc) that shows features and benefits of your equipment and/or services as well as freight packages available to the Buyer.


Suppliers who are able to bid on this entire opportunity are invited to bid online in this Reverse-Auction. We look forward to your participation and ask that you read ALL specifications before placing your bid.


This opportunity has been growing annually and is expected to continue. This could come in the form of an increased size of shipments or more frequent shipments to the location listed. Suppliers should consider the additional opportunity stated above when working up their quotes and bid accordingly, but there is no guarantee of growth.


All business provided under this award or within this award term, including new business or increased quantities gained, will be governed by the requirements stated in this Reverse-Auction and the Member Agreement.


KEY DATES: (anticipated for award)




12/8 by

2:00 p.m.

I confirm I meet all terms and Will-Bid Event #3563

12/9 by

4:00 p.m.

Suppliers must be registered with Sorcity (no cost)

12/9 by

2:00 p.m.

All clarifying questions should be entered online

12/12 by

2:00 p.m.

Have your opening bid placed to participate

12/12 - 12/13 until

2:00 p.m.

You may place your bids

12/14 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will contact low bid suppliers

12/19 - 12/20 by

4:00 p.m.

Requested Suppliers will present and demo alternate equipment to the Buyer  (if needed)

12/21 by

4:00 p.m.

Buyer will award to best qualified Supplier (after reviewing all information submitted)



We have provided an attached Excel spreadsheet (Line Item Worksheet) that provides the products contained within each store type bundle and the total number of bundles forecasted over the contract period.


In addition to New units and installations, there will also be ongoing Replacement units and installations.  Based on historical data the Buyer has conservatively estimated the Replacements and they are included in a separate section on the Line Item Worksheet.  Pricing on Replacements will be automatically added up in the Line Item Worksheet with the numbers on New units, for a Total Bid to be placed online.  


The quantity of both the New and Replacement units and installations are based on realistic data, however, although specific quantities are listed per group, the actual quantities per group may vary.  This is especially true of Replacements since is it not known which existing units will need to be replaced.  Therefore, suppliers should understand the quantities listed are for bid purposes only and may not reflect actual orders placed.  It is the Buyers intent to place orders from the awarded supplier that will equal the value of the quantities listed over this three-year term, but not a guarantee on specific quantities.  



Specification references for each item are found on the Line Item Worksheet. Buyer is willing to review alternate products as long as the minimum specifications are met or exceeded. Low bidders are required to provide cut sheets of alternate products selected along with the completed Line Item Worksheet for the Buyer to review as part of the Final Selection process. Bidders must bid on all components of all packages.



The following are specific contract requirements. Please read this list carefully before placing a bid. Any clarifying questions or exceptions MUST be asked through the above Question button BEFORE placing your bid in this Reverse-Auction. Bids will not be accepted by the Buyer in any other manner, so we appreciate your complying to the instructions in the notification email you were sent informing you of this opportunity.

  • All Bidders must be pre-qualified with Brinker International and listed as an Approved Supplier. Qualification documents must be submitted to Brinker International in order to bid. Four forms must be completed. If you have any questions, please contact Sorcity.  Once the forms are completed, please forward to Sorcity to package for the Buyer.  The forms are as follows:  

  • The Buyer may require any of the qualified, low-bid suppliers to provide a presentation and demo equipment at the Buyer's location in the Dallas, Texas if alternative products are offered. Please be prepared to provide this presentation on Tuesday, December 13, or Wednesday, December 14, 2005. Buyer may consider alternative methods of communication and review depending on the deviation from the original product specifications.

  • Bidders must have coast to coast service capability for installation and service of listed products.
  • Bidders must respond to service call requests within 2 hours to schedule the on-site service call with the store location.

  • In addition, Bidders must provide on-site service and/or repair on units within 48 hours.

  • All bidders must honor bid price for the full 3 year term of this contract and pricing may not be increased by bidder at any point during the term.

  • See the Line Item Worksheet for specific equipment specifications and quantities.

  • In addition to the above, there will be a standard set of Terms and Conditions that apply to this purchase. The Buyer will provide these to the selected supplier.


  • All clarifying questions or exceptions should be entered online through the [Question] button at the top of the bid posting. Answers will be posted, shortly thereafter, for all Suppliers to view.
  • If you need to speak directly to a representative, please contact Sorcity at (972) 661-3265. Any direct contact with the Buyer is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification to participate in this bidding event.
  • No bids will be accepted outside of the Buyers online Reverse-Auction. Bidding, in any other manner, will disqualify you for this opportunity.
  • Sorcity is providing the bidder the Line Item Worksheet to list per-unit pricing which will automatically calculate the “Total” bid price. Only the “Total” from the Worksheet is entered in the Reverse-Auction online. Do not attempt to enter line item prices online or your bid will be inaccurate. Your general discount in a percent, and your Dun & Bradstreet number should also be placed in the Line Item Worksheet where noted.

  • Once the bidding ends, all bidders must send in their electronic Line Item Worksheet and cut sheets for any alternate products offered to within one (1) hour after the Reverse-Auction has ended. The Buyer will not contact a supplier until both the cut sheets and the Line Item Worksheet are received. Make sure you respond within the allotted time to maximize your opportunity.

  • By placing a bid in this Reverse-Auction event, you represent that your firm agrees to all terms, stated in the Sorcity Member Agreement, and all content, terms, and conditions contained in this document, except for any exception Sorcity, or the Buyer, may grant in writing, or on the Question & Answer page linked above. The Supplier understands that no assumptions are to be made and that content, or clauses, not contained in this event do not apply, unless pre-approved by the Buyer and Sorcity.

  • All information contained in the documents provided is confidential and is to be used only for reference.

  • This bid must be honored for the duration of your discussions with the Buyer, per the terms stated in the Reverse-Auction. If you are unable to honor this bid at any time, you MUST cease discussions with the Buyer and notify Sorcity. Please read the Sorcity Member Agreement regarding not honoring your bid and any associated penalty fine.

Online Bid Procedures:

The Seller must enter into a corporate agreement to extend over a period of   3 year(s)

The Seller must honor the Bid Price until January 2009.

Additional delivery instructions:
All orders will be shipped to the Buyer's distribution center in Columbus, Ohio, for staging to various store locations. Supplier should include any freight options and packages available in the Line Item Worksheet.

Once notified, the Seller's delivery must be Regular delivery

This item requires setup from the Seller
Setup must be included

Buyer will accept substitutes

Other criteria:

  • You must bid on all items listed in this Reverse-Auction.

  • Buyer's standard Terms and Conditions apply.  (These Terms and Conditions will be supplied to the lowest bid suppliers before award is made.)

  • Supplier will provide Buyer “Most Favored Customer” status in terms of cost, quality, and service.  This will include situations where if pricing is reduced for the market on any item posted in this Reverse-Auction, lower than what is bid in the Line Item Worksheet, in any geographic location that Buyer has locations, the price to the Buyer lowers to this reduced price level for all orders made while the reduced price is in effect.

  • Brinker reserves the right to enter into discussions and/or negotiations with one or more qualified providers at the same time, if such action is in the best interest of Brinker. Neither the receipt of any proposal, nor failure to reject any proposal shall impose any legal obligation on Brinker.

  • Payment terms will require Net 30. During the on-site presentations, bidders may provide discount payment terms or extended payment terms to assist in making their bid more attractive.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Any direct contact with the Buyer regarding this opportunity, prior to, during, or after, the Reverse-Auction, until the Buyer contacts you, will cause you to be in violation of the Member Agreement and be eligible for a fine and disqualification to bid on this opportunity.

  • This data is confidential, may not be used in any manner other than to prepare for this event, and that it may not be transmitted to any third party (defined as anyone not directly associated with preparing the bid for the event or implementation of the agreement for the successful bidder) under any circumstances.

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