Generators & Installation
Sincerity: $1,983,000
Final Bid: $1,588,000
Savings: $395,000 19.9%
Number of Bids:   278
Reverse-Auction ID:   3997
Date Ended: March 17, 2008
Duration:   13 days   1 hr  
Start:   Tue Mar 4, 2008 at 10:00 am CT
End:     Mon Mar 17, 2008 at 11:50 am CT
Category:   Electrical

Qty: 1   Unit: Job



Change Log:

Bid Extended 3/7/2008


The U.S. Air Force is accepting bids for Backup Generators & Installation for their Ali Al Salem AB location.  The buyer would like to establish a relationship with one supplier who is able to provide the products, quality and service-levels outlined in this bid document. The anticipated start date for this contract is March 2008.


By placing a bid on this event, you are formally agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions stated here, including the linked documents, and agree that all business provided under this award or within this award term, including new business or increased quantities gained, will be governed by the requirements stated in this event and the Sorcity Member Agreement.

We look forward to your participation and are available to help you with any questions or clarifications before placing your bid.

BID STRUCTURE - It is important that suppliers follow the process outlined here in order to be considered responsive to USAF solicitations:

Suppliers who are able to provide all items listed, and meet all terms and conditions stated, are invited to bid in this Online Bid Event. You may not bid otherwise.  Bids will only be accepted in this Online Bid Event.  Bidding in any other manner will disqualify you for this opportunity.  We look forward to your participation and ask that you read ALL specifications before placing your bid.


  • Please comply with the Key Dates listed below and the instructions in the notification email you were sent informing you of this opportunity.

  • Register with Sorcity only after you have read in full and agreed to the Sorcity Membership Agreement.

  • Review the online event in full, including any attachments, links, drawings, clarifying questions & answers, or addendums, to determine if you meet ALL the terms and conditions stated.

  • All registered offerors must provide their Technical Proposal, Pricing proposal, and Signed Sorcity Member Agreement to the Contracting Officer on 3/5 (see Key Dates below).  Instructions for this are provided in section L-1 through L-6, of the attached solicitation.

  • USAF will then use the above mentioned proposal to qualify offerors for bidding.

  • All registered and qualified offerors will be sent an email requesting their participation in the reverse auction for this solicitation in this manner both USAF/ notifies offerors they have been invited to participate in the Internet-Based Reverse Auction Event. Each offeror will be given a specific link and Private Access Code to the event. Only through this invitation may an offeror compete for this requirement. The offeror agrees to keep this Private Access Code confidential.

  • Offerors who are provided an Access Code will need to use this Schedule of Supplies/Services Worksheet as to list per-unit pricing which will automatically calculate the “Total” bid price. Only the “Total” from the Worksheet is entered in the Event. Do not attempt to enter line item prices online or your bid will be inaccurate.

  • Please be sure to save the Schedule of Supplies/Services Worksheet to your desktop first, then use it to work up your Bid.

  • Your Dun & Bradstreet number should also be placed in the Line Item Worksheet where noted.

  • All questions regarding the content of this solicitation will be answered by the USAF Contracting Officer and provided to all offerors.  Any solicitation amendments will be provided electronically to participating offerors and will also be attached to this online RFQ below as we receive them.

  • Once the bidding ends, ALL bidders must print, sign, scan, and email their signed electronic Schedule of Supplies/Services Worksheet to and to the USAF Contracting Officer, Capt Lisa Gambrel, within 2-hours upon Event end. (3/10 by 6:00 p.m.)

The bid dates and times at the top of this document are (GMT - 6)


 KEY DATES listed below, anticipated for Award, are  (GMT + 3)





2/29 by

10:00 a.m.

I confirm I meet all terms and Will-Bid Event #3997

3/3 by

10:00 a.m.

Suppliers must be registered with Sorcity (no cost)

3/5 by

3:00 p.m.

Submit your Technical Proposal, Pricing proposal, and Signed Sorcity

Member Agreement to the Contracting Officer.  See section L-1 through L-6,

of the attached solicitation, for your instructions.

3/16 by

4:00 p.m.

Receive Access Code and place opening bid

3/17 by

4:00 p.m.

Final bids due



The following documents are part of the complete bid package and provide the full specifications and terms and conditions of this bid opportunity. Suppliers must read all documents carefully and comply with all instructions. By bidding on any of the line items included in the Schedule of Supplies/Services Worksheet, Suppliers agree to all terms and conditions stated in this bid package as well as the Sorcity Member Agreement.

F38604-08-R-S014, Solicitation (.doc file)

F38604-08-R-S014, SOW, 1 March 2008 (.doc file)

F38604-08-R-S014 - Attch 2 - Copy AF Form 3064 (.pdf file)



F38604-08-R-S014-A00001 (.pdf file)

F38604-08-R-S014-A00002 (.pdf file)

F38604-08-R-S014-A00003 (.pdf file)



Sorcity is committed to following the Institute for Supply Management’s Ethics Guidelines for procurement and has therefore implemented the following bid guidelines to ensure all suppliers are treated fairly. Please comply with the following or you may be disqualified from bidding on this opportunity. 

  • If you need to speak directly to a Sorcity representative regarding the bid process, please contact Sorcity at (972) 661-3265.

  • By placing a bid in this Event, you represent that your firm agrees to all terms, stated in the Sorcity Member Agreement, and all content, terms, and conditions contained in this document, except for any exception Sorcity, or the Buyer, may grant in writing.

  • The Supplier understands that no assumptions are to be made, and that content, or clauses, not contained in this event do not apply, unless approved in writing by the Buyer and Sorcity. 

  • This bid must be honored for the duration of your discussions with the purchasing organization, per the terms stated in the Online Bidding Event. If you are unable to honor this bid at any time, you MUST cease discussions with the Buyer and notify Sorcity. Please read the Sorcity Member Agreement regarding not honoring your bid and any associated penalty fees. 

Online Bid Procedures:

The Seller must honor the Bid Price until March 2009.

Other criteria:


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