Final Bid: $1,552,138.00
Bid Number 56: $1,575,000.00
Bid Number 55: $1,582,038.54
Bid Number 54: $1,582,038.54
Bid Number 2: $2,100,000.00
 First Bid:$2,100,000.00
Reverse-Auction ID:   4906
Date Ended: November 02, 2022
Duration:   21 days   5 hr  
Start:   Wed Oct 12, 2022 at 9:00 am CT
End:     Wed Nov 2, 2022 at 2:11 pm CT
Category:   Packaging General

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eBid Summary  (read full details below)


Packaging for 2 campus production facilities in Spartanburg, SC

First Term:

5-year initial period plus extensions


1,412,855 Units across 12 line items (see Line Item Worksheet link below)


90-Day Price Lock with Price Fluctuation review at each quarter end

Listen To:

Sorcity Welcome Bid Overview


Sorcity at 512-366-9095



Spartanburg Steel Products (SSP) is accepting bids for Packaging initially for 2 campus facilities (BU1, BU2). Currently only one building receives deliveries but the second building may in the future. Other locations may leverage this award. The term of the agreement subject to the award herein is for a five (5) year period plus ongoing extensions based on performance.


Please read this complete eBid, all email notices, attachments, and the Sorcity Member Agreement, in full, so you understand the bid guidelines and are properly prepared to bid if your company qualifies and would like to gain this business.

This is a facility-wide program to purchase through this award, providing assurance to the awarded bidder that the dollar value awarded is intended to be met and exceeded, as Spartanburg has forecasted a 100% increase in business based on business already booked. This increase in business is not reflected in the volumes listed here-in, as specific line-item increase have not yet been finalized, but these added volumes will be included in this award, so price accordingly.

The Buyer would like to establish a long-term relationship with a Supplier who is able to provide the products, quality, and service-levels outlined. The anticipated award date is shown in the Key Dates below with a contract start date of January 9, 2023.

Although price is an important factor, this is not a price-only decision. Other considerations include: quality, service-levels, responsiveness, acceptance of Buyers‘ standard terms and conditions, testing of substitutes, relationship, and samples. After the bidding ends, the Buyer may contact several low bidders to further understand capabilities and additional benefits you might have to offer, before an award is made (see Key Dates below). This is also an opportunity to begin establishing relationships..

To ensure the bid process remains fair, any direct contact with the Buying Organization regarding this opportunity, during or after this bid process, until the Buyer contacts you, will cause you to be in violation of the bid process and be eligible for penalties (see Sorcity Member Agreement).

Spartanburg Steel, established in 1962, is one of 13 companies that are in the portfolio of the Reserve Group.

The Reserve Group, established in 1995, is a family based private equity firm whose senior professionals have extensive experience working with middle market companies. The Group specializes in the acquisition, management, revitalization, and expansion of basic manufacturing companies. Over the years they have taken companies that they manage to a higher level of performance by focusing on profitability, stability, and growth. Further, The Reserve Group determines the highest and best use of each operation at every level, studying new and existing markets, implementing best business practices, and underscoring its agenda with effective business strategy and business planning.

The Reserve Group has established a reputation for fostering long-term relationships with all its business associates, especially currently managed and operated companies. Their philosophy, approach to management, and its people are the key factors that distinguish them in the market place.


  1. Spartanburg Steel Products, Inc. - specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-quality complex metal stampings and welded assemblies. Industries served include automotive, heavy-truck, power lawn & garden, construction, utility, and off-road vehicle OEM manufacturers.

  2. Great Lakes Casting - produces and delivers both high and low volume castings to customers across North America. Industries served include construction, valve, pump, agricultural, gas, automotive, HVAC and many others.

  3. Forged Products, Inc. - specializes in open-die, closed-die, and extrusion forging methodologies to manufacture custom forgings in a wide variety of sizes and configurations in weights ranging from 40 to 55,000 lbs.

  4. AMG Industries - established in 1904, specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of highly specialized stampings, complex welded assemblies, and fabricated stainless steel and carbon steel components.

  5. Gautier Steel - is a hot rolled carbon and alloy bar manufacturer located in Johnstown, PA. Gautier processes MBQ (Merchant Bar Quality), SBQ (Special Bar Quality) and ACQ (Aircraft Quality Bar) billets into precision hot rolled flats, squares, and asymmetrical special shapes on three versatile bar mills. Industries served include machine tool, construction, cold drawing, agriculture, service center, material handling, railroad, mining, and primary aluminum.

  6. Lee Brass Foundry - located in Anniston, Alabama. The company pours 12 different copper-based alloys to serve their three major markets of marine, plumbing, and industrial as well as commercial OEM.

  7. East End Welding – Located in Kent Ohio, EEW provides ASME and AWS certified welding, complete metal forming and fabrication, boilers and pressure vessels, oversized capacity machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  8. Romeo Rim, Incc. - the largest manufacturer of RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) composite components in North America. Romeo RIM produces its proprietary HELP (High Energy Level Polymer) energy absorbing bumpers recognized as the industry standard for excellence in the mass transit industry along with the largest custom components for blue chip customers in the agricultural, heavy truck, specialty automotive, and leisure industries.

  9. Scotland Manufacturing Co., Inc. - has a range of capabilities with presses running from 100 – 1,000 tons. The Company specializes in the areas of refrigerant, compressor housing, filter shells, and other deep-drawn / progressive / transfer stampings for the industrial, automotive, agricultural, and heavy truck industries.

  10. Sharpsville Container Corporation - manufactures a wide range of stainless steel and plastic containers for the food, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical markets, ranging in size from 1 gallon to 5,000 gallons. The company also manufactures disposable gas cylinders.

  11. Superior Fabrication - a master fabricator of heavy-duty steel parts, components, and assemblies. Supplies forklift masts and carriages, oil and gas pump frames, and contract fabrications to heavy equipment manufacturers.

  12. Integrated Biometrics - designs and manufactures the world’s lightest, fastest, most accurate, FBI-Certified fingerprint sensors for solution providers building advanced biometric enrollment and verification products.


Sorcity follows the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Ethics Guidelines, so implemented the following bid guidelines to ensure bidders are treated fairly. Please adhere to the following. Failure to do so may result in penalties and disqualification from this and future opportunities:

  1. Perform honorably and follow the instructions in the Sorcity emails, reminders, and updates.

  2. Bids will only be accepted through Sorcity. Bidding in any other manner or attempting to sell to one of the Buyer's locations directly is Not permitted. We look forward to your participation and help in maintaining the integrity of this fair and objective bid process.

  3. No assumptions are to be made. Content not contained in this ebid and related documents do not apply, unless approved in writing by the Buyer and Sorcity.

  4. By placing a bid in this Event, your firm agrees to all terms stated in the Sorcity Member Agreement and contained in this and all related documents, except for any exceptions that are granted in writing by Sorcity or the Buyer, or through the Question & Answer page.

  5. All questions or exceptions should be entered above through the [View & Ask Questions] button. Questions are anonymous and Answers will be posted for all Suppliers to view.

  6. To speak to a representative, call the Contact number above. Any direct contact with Buyer, regarding this bid is prohibited, until the Buyer contacts you following the bidding.

  7. Substitutes of equivalent or better quality and performance will be allowed and are subject to post bid samples, testing, and evaluation by the Buyer.

  8. The quantities listed in the attached Line Item Worksheet (LIW) are anticipated to be the minimum purchase over the term, based on the last 12-months of actual usage.

  9. This is not a commitment to buy all quantities of all line items listed, but a good faith effort to meet or exceed the dollar amount awarded for goods in this packaging category, which may also include other items, parts, and tools not listed, if offered by Supplier.

  10. Additional volumes, extensions, renewals, or other Reserve Group locations that buy this category of goods from the awarded Supplier will be governed by the same Agreement as this Event.

  11. Fulfillment of award is measured on the dollar value you are awarded compared to all orders made by the Buyer over the term, including those unfulfilled by Supplier, and is not limited to the items listed in the LIW.

  12. Suppliers should know that the Buyer does not intend to award at a price higher than what they are currently paying, outside of index adjustments, so bid aggressively.


  1. If you are able to provide and bid on ALL items listed and meet all terms and conditions stated, then you are invited to bid in this eBid Event. You may not bid otherwise. You may ask for exceptions in the Q&A above.

  2. Sorcity is providing you this Line Item Worksheet as one of the bid documents, to list your per unit pricing, which will automatically calculate the “Total” bid price. Only the “Total” from the Worksheet may be entered as your bid in the online Event. Do not attempt to enter line item prices online or your bid will be inaccurate.

  3. Be sure to save the Line Item Worksheet to your desktop first, and then use it to work up your Bid. This will allow you to promptly return your completed copy of the worksheet once the bidding ends.

  4. Follow the instructions, which include filling in all items highlighted in green such as your Dun & Bradstreet number, Category Discount, and Per Unit Prices, as it is part of your reply to this bid package.

  5. The estimated quantities listed in the Line Item Worksheet are 5-year quantities and are expected to be the minimum purchased over the next 5-years, based on historical usage and a 100% growth forecast of booked business (not included in listed volumes).

  6. Any substitutes bid must include the description in the yellow highlighted columns.

  7. To avoid mistakes and ensure that you can enter a bid online, you must email your initially completed Line Item Worksheet to Sorcity 3-days before bid day (see Key Dates below).

  8. SUBMITTING YOUR COMPLETED FINAL LINE ITEM WORKSHEET IS A REQUIREMENT AND MUST BE RETURNED TO SORCITY WITHIN (1) HOUR AFTER THE BID ENDS, regardless of your bid position. Failure to do so may render your bid unacceptable and invoke penalties.


  1. Buyer will not pay for samples or delivery.

  2. Require a few sample bags for each type of bag listed.

  3. No sample needed for strapping and banding.

  4. Samples delivered to: Spartanburg, SC 29303. Address given when samples are requested.

The Buyer would like to meet with one or more qualified bidders following bid end, per the Key Dates below, to discuss quotation, terms, price-flux clause, and any additional benefits the Supplier would like to offer. Please enter your preferred meeting times in the LIW, where indicated, so meeting times are reserved in advance and the award schedule is not impacted.


LOCATIONS: (There are 2 next-door production locations included in this bid)

  1. Spartanburg Steel Products - 1290 New Cut Road, Spartanburg, SC 29303

  2. Spartanburg Stainless Products - 121 Broadcast Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29304

KEY DATES: Anticipated for Award (U.S. Central Time)

You may view this in your time zone from your Supplier Steps page.

 10/14 10:00 a.m. Confirm your intent to bid
 10/18 10:00 a.m. Provide Approval Contacts
 10/19 10:00 a.m. Register with Sorcity (no cost to join)
 10/20 12:00 p.m. Enter questions or request exceptions online
 10/26 10:00 a.m. Send Sorcity Initial Line Item Worksheet Pricing
 11/1 12:00 p.m. Wait for Access to Bid
 11/2 2:00 p.m. Final bid due for Event #4906 - Packaging
 11/2 3:00 p.m. Return final Line Item Worksheet
 11/3 2:00 p.m. Buyer will contact low bidders
 11/10 4:00 p.m. Samples due, if requested by the Buyer
 11/16 9:00 a.m. Meet with Buyer as scheduled
 11/30 12:00 p.m. Buyer will award to best qualified Supplier


PACKAGING IMAGES: (click to enlarge)





RFQ Service Requirements:

  1. Lead time for poly bags is 4-weeks.

  2. VMI is not a requirement but is permitted, supplier assumes liability for any production downtime costs resulting from insufficient packaging supply levels.

  3. Supplier must be able to deliver 1-2 times a week.

  4. Substitutes are acceptable provided they are approved by the packaging engineer & the buyer for competitiveness, sustainability, and suitability.

  5. Emergency contact & service is required 24x7.

  6. Minimum of quarterly onsite visits with supplier representative, buyer & packaging engineer to discuss cost savings ideas.

  7. Time is of the essence regarding deliveries. Stock outs can lead to downtime.

  8. A reliable supply of packaging is crucial to our business and SSP’s expectation is that the supplier maintain a stable supply chain.

  9. Supplier can bid delivery to 1 location. Buyer may add next door drop later.

  1. Additional volumes, extensions, renewals, or other Reserve Group locations that buy this category of goods from the awarded Supplier will be governed by the same Agreement and term as this Event.

  2. Agreement to Spartanburg Steel Products Terms and Conditions required (Click here to review). In the case of any term conflicts, those listed on this page take precedence over the attached terms.

  3. Shipping terms: F.O.B. Delivered. All shipping costs must be included in your per unit prices. For example, if your per unit price is $1.00 and your shipping cost is $.10 cents, then the per unit price in your bid would be $1.10 to include shipping.

  4. Buyer prefers payment terms of Net 60 Days unless that raises your prices, then 45-day or 30-day payment terms will be considered and may be bid in this ebid.

  5. If an item is discontinued then it must be replaced by a Buyer-accepted substitute at the same or lower price as in your Line Item Worksheet submitted to Sorcity at bid end.

  6. Due to market demand and possible supply constrictions, if the supplier is unable to fulfill an order within the normal timeframe, the Buyer may secure that portion of the order from an alternate supplier. All orders made, whether fulfilled by the awarded Supplier or not, counts towards the total award fulfillment. Supplier must report all unfulfilled orders to the Buyer and Sorcity upon request.

  7. Buyer may terminate this contract, or any part thereof, based on Supplier performance issues, by written notice (60) days in advance, provided the issues identified by the Buyer are not corrected to the satisfaction of the Buyer within (60) days from the occurrence.

  8. Supplier must be able to provide proof of insurance.

  9. Orders to be placed via min max control by SSP to supplier via email.

  10. Confirmation of order receipt is required.

  11. A blanket PO will be referenced on each invoice.

  12. Special PO’s can be issued for non-typical items.

  13. If you are bidding Substitute items, then the Buyer may request samples after the bidding ends, for quality assurance before an official award is made, per the Key Dates above (Samples Due).

  14. Awarded Seller must honor their bid prices, per the terms stated including price-fluctuation clause, until any ongoing business under this award has been terminated.


  1. Prices must be fixed for 30-day periods. Based on the CDI Linear Low Density resin index: 1. prices may be adjusted up if the index rises in .03 increments, or 2. Prices must be reduced if the index drops, or 3. Prices will remain the same if there is no change in the index at the quarterly period.

  2. Price change index and formula must be mutually agreed-to between Buyer and Supplier, and documented by the Supplier to the Buyer and Sorcity, no later than the day of award. You may offer an alternative index and formula at Buyer meeting, but must bid the CDI index above.

  3. Price increase is only permitted if verifiable documentation is sent to the Buyer at least 10-days prior to the end of the current 30-day period to be approved or denied.

  4. If a price decrease was not reported by the Supplier on time, then a 1% price reduction, in addition to the index price reduction that should have been provided at the beginning of that period, will be retroactively provided to the Buyer for that periods' total quantity ordered.

  5. If awarded you must honor your prices bid, per the terms stated (including price-fluctuation clause), until business has been terminated by the Buyer in writing.

Spartanburg Steel is committed to working with suppliers who adhere to our quality requirements and business principles documented in the Spartanburg Steel “Code of Conduct” [SSP to provide Sorcity] (Click here to review).

We appreciate your participation in this eBid opportunity!

Bid Box appears here on Opening Bid Day for members once you log into your account, unless:

• Following opening bids, the Event has been paused until Bid-End day
• The Event is momentarily suspended due to a bid error or technical issue
• Your account has been locked due to an unresolved issue (contact Sorcity)


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